Pentium 4 or AMD?

What do you think are the best processors to get?
Think about the cost, power, cpu speed etc.

with amd you get the best value for money. Only problem being that if the heat sink fails, the processor will fry, but if you use an Intel, its has something (that im not quite sure about) which stops it from getting damaged

I just asked you that question? You think Intel is the way to go. I have no experience with AMD but form what I have been told, they are great.

have that’s a motherboard feature and most good mobos these days have that protection. If they detect the CPU getting too hot they shut down.

Every PC I have built has been AMD and as I build for my friends they all had commercial Pentium based machines before. They all seem happier with the performance.

Unfortunately this type of debate is the same as the Apple or PC debate, both sides have their supporters and detractors.

On price AMD everytime. I just had to build a system for a friend he wanted it pretty much the same as the one that was for sale in Aldi. I did it and still had enough to add a 19" tft monitor to the package.

I’m a hard core pentium fan and I just googled and read and read and read after all the findings I am now in the process of building an AMD but I’m getting the X2 4800+ or the X2 5000+ Plus going to mod it out. This will be my first AMD board and Processor I have used Pentium since 1995. Price and performance this is the better route. Amd is even getting in line or passing intel on multi-tasking too. So it is a better bang for the buck.

Intel Core Duo. :wink:

Seems that Dell will be using opteron processors from AMD soon.Source

Only problem being that if the heat sink fails, the processor will fry, but if you use an Intel, its has something (that im not quite sure about) which stops it from getting damaged

Good grief, that hasn’t been true for a long time. All current MB’s will shut down with over-temps.

It will be good but on the clock speeds AMD or AMD X2 AM2 will blow them away. Even price wise.

From the looks of the poll I guess I made the right choice with the AMD 3800 Dual Core. We will soon see.

AMD has better performance to price ratio for mid to high end systems, but you can pick up ~2GHz celerons for under $50 for low end budget systems

You’re going to love it. I don’t think it feels as quick off the mark as a 3700+, but the thing just never bogs down. Open as many apps as you want, and there always seems to be enough CPU time to run 'em all effortlessly.

I went from a 4000+ (single core) to an Opteron 175, and it’s just a completely different feel. I like it.

At the moment AMD have the crown but it appears that Intel will probably get the performance lead back by the end of the year with the Merom chip, which is supposedly awesome (Who thought I could get away with using a word from the 90’s :slight_smile: )

Oh and I have an AMD 3800 X2 in my machine and it’s a very good chip.

The athlons are faster for the same price or cheaper for the same speed. Pick one.

Despite this …

Athlons can still burn out, whereas intel CPU’s will not.

Intel CPU’s have inbuilt thermal cut-outs. AMD Cpu’s rely on the motherboards thermal cut-out. I’ll let you decide which is the superior solution. The external/motherboard option should suffice in the occurrence of a heatsink coming off, or improper contact resulting in the CPU retaing heat. It won’t work if you forget to install the heatsink.

Intel is the SAFE, if expensive option.
AMD is fast & cheap.

Twins :iagree:

I’m sitting here watching a Divx Movie, surfing CDfreaks & playing spades online and remote desktopping to my little server, while encoding a DVD to 720x576 res Xvid at 26fps (aka faster than real-time).
Each of the 3800 cores is at least equivalent to my old Athlon XP 2400@3400+ish.

When it comes to dual core processors, nothing can beat a $130 Pentium D 805 on a price/performance ratio. Add a high-end heatsink fan, some Arctic Silver 5 and OC the crap out of it to 4 GHz. The cheapest dual core AMD costs $300.

I voted choice #3.

Because, these x86 processors are such obsolete models.
Man, I really wish they had continued ARM processors for real (intel bought the tech and sell it now as XScale, argh!). Also with PPC - I hoped they would continue their development.

Cr€€py $ad W0rlD.

My CPU history…
1a. Intel 486 (bought)
1b. Cyrix 486DX2 (upgrade)
2a. Cyrix P133L+ (built)
2b. Intel MMX200 (upgrade)
3. AMD Thunderbird 1200 (built)
4. Intel P4 3.2GHz Prescott (bought)

On that cycle, my next system will be a self-build AMD - actually, that’s what I was planning until this supermarket special came up, working out cheaper than comparable parts.

At the moment, I’d say AMD have it, on price, performance and power efficiency - the Prescott gets hot and bothered far too easily, a bit like a certain oaf of a politician!

If you are into gaming and general stuff you can get away with an AMD - If you are into CAD, heavy 3D rendering/animation, video editing, video encoding, programming, etc… Intel is the better choice and it’s faster. Claiming that an AMD 3200+ running at 2Ghz is just as fast as an Intel P4 3Ghz is very misleading since it isn’t true 100% of the time, and not ALL real world tests would put AMD ahead.

i dont know a huge amount about processors… but i have a AMD Sempron, 1800 MHz (9 x 200) 3000+