Pentium 4 only works with RDRAM?

Pentium 4 is still much more expensive than AMD’s Athlon, it only runs with the expensive RDRAM-memory and it requires a new kind of power supply and case, thus blowing up system costs even more.

I’m the the process of building my new comp and I completely overlooked this - opting for 400FSB DDR memory instead of RDRAM with an 800FSB Intel Pentium 4 processor. Can someone confirm that a P4 exclusively works with only RDRAM, even ‘lower end’ ones with speed as low as 1.7GHz with 400 MHz FSB? I find it hard to believe Intel would shoot themselves in their own feet like that, I thought expensive RDRAM memory was going out of the picture (however good).

Well I’m sorry to say this, but here goes. Whoever told you that Pentium 4’s only work with RDRAM is the BIGGEST F*CKING MORON on the planet. In case that guy just happened to miss the note at the top of the forum it says and I quote, “Intel recently decided to let RDRAM go. If you want to make use of RDRAM on your P4, you should look out for a somewhat older Intel board, or a board based on another chipset (e.g. from SiS) with RMRAM support.” So to answer your question, no it doesn’t have to have RDRAM, though it can use it if you want. If you get anything even realtively new RDRAM isn’t even supported.

@Tyro: You should look more closely at your sources. The article is dated December 6, 2000, at which time RDRAM was the only memory option for Pentium 4. By a simple search you could have figured out it is available in different configurations by now.

Damn. So now I’m undecided on whether to go AMD or Intel once again. I started off wanting to go Intel, then read that article about RDRAM and decided I’ll go AMD instead.

BadReligionPR, thanks for the advice…but try to look at it from the point of view of someone who knows just about nothing about computers. I assumed the article would be true even if it was posted a while ago and have no idea about the nuances of motherboard support for various RAM types, etc yet.

Makes you think twice about the relevance of the word Tomfoolery here :wink:

I didn’t update it yet (working on it), but I think my sticky thread may help you out…

Already read it (Before you pointed me to it) :wink:

Still learning

the main performance chipsets for Pentium 4 right now are Intel 865/875P and their offshoots, suggest you investigate these. amd is all about the Nvidia chipsets, and to be truthful they are both very similiar.