Pentium 4 in a 3.5 GHZ version



I just posted the article Pentium 4 in a 3.5 GHZ version.

On the Intel Developer Forum in San Jose, Intel revealed a 3,5GHZ that ran several Video’s and Quake 3 on the same time.

In world of AMD freaks i must say the THE most innovative products has been…

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The difference between a 1.5MHZ and a AMD 1.4MHZ is a bit bigger then just the price, the 1.4 Ghz AMD is about 10% faster


The AMD is faster? Are there software compatibility problems with AMD chips? (Adobe Photoshop, etc) Where can I find the prices mentioned in this news article?..AMD is faster than P4?


An AMD CPU is faster than a P4 CPU when ‘normal’ software is being used. When P4 optimized software is used, the P4 is faster because it has a bigger pipeline which is used to calculate ahead. But the ‘problem’ is that this P4 optimized software is still very rare and therefore an AMD is faster in most cases. Quake III is P4 optimized so I’m not surprised Intel used this game to show off their new CPU with :wink:


Gamefreak is right. Amd is faster in raw Floating Point per MHZ. But when it comes to processor optimized software the P4 surely wins BIGTIME over Amd. And that is surely a fact. Just too bad that Intel costs more than AMD cpu’s.


Sorry to mouth off, but it’s a fact, why do most people worry about a measly 10% ? When I see people having tons of resident tray programs loaded, surely you don’t care that you can gain extra speed by not having those running !! Those progs will take up CPU power - probably more than 10%. I have seen both running apps and games and personally 10% doesn’t justify a big enough difference.


You guys should check out some benchmarks … An AMD 1.4ghz is faster then an Intel 1.8ghz … plus its cheaper plus AMD’s use DDR ram and not that bunk RDRAM and with the soon to be released palimino core and nforce chipset intel’s gonna be left behind … bout time too … intel’s been screwing us for years because they had the only desent processors.


stvastva: AMD chips do not have compatability probs. with software. That is a thing of the past. Some of the new chipsets for the AMD CPU’s might have a prob. here and there but it is unlikely. IMHO AMD can be used for commercial use as well as home. :8


I agree with junktzu and strooperman… and by the time the 3.5 ghz p4 has dropped to a normal price AMD will have a cheaper and faster cpu…


Like CPU speed makes that much of a difference i have a friend who has an 1Ghz i have a 450Mhz PII and i’m faster. Why, cause i have more internal memory now that makes a difference


hahaha, so you’ve all come crawlying back eh? i remember back in the K5 and K6 days. intel cpus could smoke the amds. it wasn’t until the K7 that amd finally put up a struggle against intel and there pentiums. this is really good though. intell’s same mhz p3 used to cost almost double of that of a k7. P4’s are so much crap. did you know that a 1ghz p4 is outperformed by a 1ghz p3 which is outperformed my a 1ghz k7? amd’s 1ghz axia’s and avias could have done 1.4 or even 1.5ghz back when intel had the 1.7ghz p4 out. i don’t know why they didn’t sell it as a 1.4 instead of 1. i know amd has always been trailing intel but k7 and athlon 4s are good cpus. before k7 is another issue. i don’t have photoshop and i don’t have quake 3. i’m happy with my 1.1ghz tb. and one more thing: intel knows that most of their customers still use mhz as a benchmark. they also spend way more than amd on ads. i know of 1 amd commerical. i’ve been seing intel commercials since p2. the competition is great though. 1.4ghz amd is now about $20 under the same speed p4. check for more.


There is no compatibility problems with the actual CPUs AMD releases, the true compatibility problems is the POS motherboards that AMD CPUs typically run inside of such as VIA garbage (I really fucking hate the sound problem with SoundBlaster Live!, though I did finally manage to fix it thanks to the wonderful programmers out there who fix the problems a vendor never cares to deal with…). Intel might not have the best CPUs, but their motherboards typically are of much higher quality than the ones that are made for the AMD CPUs '“ if only Intel made a sweet ass motherboard for the Athlon…


Well, I have a P3 933Mhz and it kicks ass in just about everything I use. AMDs are very often ouperformed by Intel P3’s! This is an example: I have the game Driver. My friend comes over and we play it on my other computer. It is a P3 450Mhz with 16Meg Savage4 video card, 92MB ram. I take Driver to my friend’s house. His computer is Athlon 600 Mhz, TNT2 32Meg videocard, 128MB ram. On his computer, it skipped horribly, maybe once every 3 seconds!!! I just wanna say intel kicks AMD ASS!!!


DanDaMan SSssssshhhhhh, your embarrassing yourself. Go back to sleep little boy, it’s ok :slight_smile: lol How can you say intel is so great when their P3’s are better than the P4’s because they wanted to save money so they cut back on some of the chips and used lower spec and lower quality ones. Oh yeah, GREAT company! LOL


DanDaMan, your friend is not having his skipping problems because of The processor, but incompatability between either the video or sound card… Tell your friend to get the latest drivers and the latest updates to correct that problem… Fish3669: What problems did you have with the AMD boards and CL Live! card?


Damn seem to have started a heated discussion but isnt AMD vs Intel always that? :wink: stvastva : no problems with compatibility Zyron : I always tought AMD CPU’s could do more in 1 clock cycle then Intel CPU’s DanDaMan1487 : LMAO The way intel is doing bussines its going down: 2GHZ CPU is crap it barely outperforms a AMD1.4GHZ and costs twice as much overclock them both and AMD is even better. There RAMBUS “mistake” still isnt solved the latest attept is a P4 with uses SD-RAM to bad the performance is shit and price is still too high maybe DDR will improve it. Another blunder is the discontinuations of the P3 people have the choice now between medium to high performence but expensive P4 or high performance cheap AMD.


I like AMD because they have a great product at a sencible price. Only gripe i have with Intel is every time they bring somthing new out, you find yourself having to spend big dollars upgrading ram, power, heat sinks etc etc, its a crock of shit.


Taken from a hardware site: PovRay 3.1 (pixel per second): P4,2.0gig(asus P4t): 1052 P4,1.8gig(asus P4t): 972 K7,1.4gig(A7v266): 1129 LinuxKernel(2.4) make -j4 [s]: p4-2gig: 6886 p4-1.8: 6391 k7-1.4: 8093 BAPCo SYSmark2000*: p4-2gig: 234 p4-1.8: 218 k7-1.4: 248 and you say Intel’s good ? ROFL…


See how the K7 outperforms the P4 in the BAPCo SYSmark2000, which happens to be Intel’s own benchmark. oh my. :wink:


What does 10% cpu speed matter if your harddisk is stil a floppy drive! it is min 8.5 ms, why not e.g. not 60 ns? that is fast. Something for a designer? Take 10 gig of memory placed in a ‘harddisk’ with a battery. And you have the fastest disk on whole the world! how much faster is this? 8.5 milli second --> 60 nano seconds?