Pentium 4 D915 Fan speed Issue

Hi All,

Need some help with the Fan speed in the above pc. The CPU fan is loud and changes speed far too regulary (every few seconds). Ive installed SpeedFan 4.32 and currently it is reporting the CPU as 68c! - All im doing is typing this thread! Ideally i need to control the speed, but i am inable to do so with SpeedFan. If the fan was to sit a constant speed it wouldn’t be an issue - but full speed is too loud.

Ive downloaded the latest intel bios firmware and again the only cpu fan option within the bios is either enabled or disabled.

Is there a 3rd party firmware i could try?

Any Ideas

If you only have that option in bios then the easiest way is buy a fan regulator/controller and install it between the cpu fan and the mother board. If the board CPU connector has 4 pins, install the controller on the three pins that the slot in the connector allows and that will allow you to control the speeds but you will have to watch the CPU temps until you find a happy medium.:wink: