Pentium 4 2.0 or

an Athlon 1.6? Which one’s better? :smiley:

I think Athlons are less reliable than Intel chips.

Trust me, my cousin works as CPU engineer in an Intel building.

I’m not getting into this discussion… It has been asked too many times Intel vs. AMD :slight_smile: Both chips are good and I don’t think the AMD’s are less stable. Sounds like a fairytale to me :slight_smile: But then again I’m not a technical engineer… I would suggest you take a look @ Tom’s Hardware Guide (CPU Guide) or other sites like that.

Hi, right now I’m working on my Athlon 1.4 and I must say I’m very happy with it. My system is very stable and it doesn’t crash often. And of course AMD is faster and cheaper…

I’d only buy an Intel if I had to take the cooler off my processor, because AMD burns and Intel only crashes when you do that. The only advantage in my opinion…

Yeah i wouldnt want to get into it either, but I have had both processors ever since the Thunder Bird AMD has not given a problem, if I ever did have a problem it was something with my windows. They both run just as good and stable.

P4 with Rambus is the best

More stable and less conflicts


AMD Athlon 1,4GHz thunderbirth beats Intel pentium 4 2,0GHz in some areas…

I’m not Prosessor expert and I don’t remeber what was those areas but Amd do more work in one clocktime (or what was that word, I’m not good to speak english so try to understund)

I like more AMD, no so expensive and better some times! :slight_smile:

The Athlon XP 1.5GHz or Athlon 1.2GHz would kick a P4 2GHz easy, i own a computer shop & have tryed all 3 of these products the XP proccesor is fastest!! AMD beats Intel easy!!

:slight_smile: SHaMiSZ

at the moment, P4 ONLY with RAMBUS
in nearest future, DDR

but AMD is more cheap than INTEL and very powerful
expecially XP versions

if you need to buy NOW then go AMD
if you can to wait,take a look to next P4-DDR mobo!


AMD XP with 512 DDR is brill

rafale, you can use P4 with DDR and the DDR chipset for P4 has been out for quite a bit…

for dandaman:

in italy,where i live,at the moment we can found only few model based on px266 chipset…

for christmas we hope to have more choice of chipset and i preferred to wait big OEM’s like ASUS or similar…:o