Pentax announces Efina budget compact and white WG-3 waterproof

Pentax has announced a white version of its WG-3 rugged waterproof camera and an entry-level point-and-shoot compact. The white version of the WG-3 shares all the features with the existing model but comes in a different color scheme (we’ll let you guess what that is). We’ll be testing the GPS version of the WG-3 as one of our forthcoming waterproof camera tests. Meanwhile, the ‘Efina’ is an inexpensive 14MP CCD-based camera that’s exactly the sort we thought Pentax had stopped making. Still, it comes with decorative patterns on it, which seems to be this season’s thing - so that’s something. The Efina, announced in Japan in January, will cost around £80, while the white WG-3 will retail for $299/£289.