Pensonic Dvd-divx-card Reader-usb

Got everything, don’t it?
Made in Maylasia - 2nd day fails to read all double-layer media.
All the other stuff works.
I have to try and repair it. Company does not accept email.

Please accept this preliminary review. If this is on topic I will update.
If this is the wrong forum then then I’ll apologise and look for another.
I feel this is computer related because it actually was to replace
the network computer that sends my divX’s to the TV.

I have the same player and I bought for the purpose of watching my AVI files. I tried it at the store and everything worked out fine but when I got home and tried other AVI files, the video just stops after a few seconds just like on pause. Would you know the problem for this?

You get what you pay for, its simple.