Penn & Teller Bullsh*t, Season 2 DVD - No Menus?

After using DVD Decrypter to RIP Penn & Teller’s BULLSH*T season 2, I used WinDVD to verify the DVD played fine from the hard drive - including all menus and scene selections.

When I start CloneDVD2 (2851), it only shows the actual episodes available in the available titles - no menus, no previews, nothing. It does this regardless of what mode I select; full disc or individual titles. The movies play fine, but all of the menus and chapter stops are lost. There’s clearly something funky with the IFO’s on these disks. There are three discs, and they all act the same.

Any ideas?

I’ve attached the IFO’s for Season 2 Disc 3. Thanks for any assitance you can offer!


@ Sonartech,

Suggest viewing the below tutorial that shows in great detail how to properly use the CloneDVD software program.

In short use the second option titled “Clone DVD” – clone a DVD including all titles and menus.

Also suggest visiting SlySoft ( and download the latest version of AnyDVD and give it a try instead of using DVD Decrypter. The AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination is an “all-in-one” software combination that removes copy protection encryption, transcodes/compresses and burns to blank DVD media in one easy step.

Best Regards,

BJKG, if you read my message you’ll see that I stated two very important facts:

  1. The DVD plays fine from the hard drive before I use CloneDVD on it.
  2. Regardless of how I use CloneDVD2 (Including “All Titles & Menus”), only the actual episodes show up - no menu systems, no chapters.

I am well aware of how to “properly use” CloneDVD2. I’ve had a license for it since about 1 month after CloneDVD was released.

Finally, I never burn directly to media without first viewing the processed DVD from the hard drive first. There are too many variables involved, such as the problem I’ve just discovered and described with this DVD, and I don’t like making coasters. This is, in fact, the first DVD I’ve personally encountered that CloneDVD2 couldn’t process correctly. The trial version of DVDFab I just installed will almost do it correctly - the menu does transfer over, but the chapter stops and scene selections are all screwed-up. Clearly this DVD is doing something neither CloneDVD2 or DVDFab can correctly handle.


@ Sonartech,

I in fact fully read your entire #1 posting in this thread before I ever responded to your posting. I suggest that you re-read you original posting because you mistaken. You never state that you used the second option titled “Clone DVD” – clone a DVD including all titles and menus in the CloneDVD software program.

Since you have taken the holier than thou attitude in your #3 posting response to me in this thread I will not provide any additional assistance to you. I hope you figure out your problem. I know exactly what you are doing wrong in your processing of the DVD data in the CloneDVD software program.

I wish you luck and hope you figure out what you are doing incorrectly because I assure you that there is noting wrong with the ability of the CloneDVD software program in making a back up copy of the Penn & Teller’s B##LS##T Complete Season 2 other than user error.

I personally have made back up copies of the Penn & Teller’s B##LS##T Complete Season, Penn & Teller Complete First Season, Penn & Teller Censored, and Penn & Teller Magic & Mystery Tour without any problems. I am a big Penn & Teller fan. Your inability to copy the Penn & Teller’s B##LS##T Complete Season 2 lies in your improper use of the CloneDVD software program.

I have been a registered user of the CloneDVD, CloneCD, and the AnyDVD software programs since each of these programs were first released years ago and am knowledgeable and proficient in their use. If you do a Forum search you will see that I have provided assistance to numerous Forum Members in the proper use of the CloneDVD/AnyDVD software programs.

If you ever hope to receive any assistance in this Forum I suggest you take a more cordial attitude in you postings because I fear you will be wasting your time posting here.

Best Regards,

PS- Using the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination does not inhabit you from processing the finished backup copy to your hard disk for viewing the finished product and checking for any errors before burning to blank DVD media.

I have a “holier than thou” Attitude, huh? Boy, if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black! Let me ask you one question there, super-CLONE DVD STUD. What part of “It does this regardless of what mode I select; full disc or individual titles” don’t you understand? What exactly do you think I meant? “ALL TITLES AND MENUS” IS A MODE – AS I STATED IN MY FIRST, ORIGINAL POST. Don’t blame me for your apparent lack of reading comprehension.

When I said “it does this regardless of what mode I select”, that means the problem happens REGARDLESS OF WHAT MODE I SELECT, including “COPY DVD TITLES” and “CLONE DVD”. That’s what modes are, BJKG. That’s what I said. The word “regardless” means “I tried them both”. That’s what I said.

Further, this wasn’t the only forum on the net I asked this question, either. I now have positive confirmation from other people who do actually have this DVD that there IS an issue trying to create a backup. Personally, I think you’re lying to me by telling me you successfully backed-up these up previously, and until you provide the DVDL-xxxxxxxx catalog number inscribed on the inner-hub of Second Season Volume 1, your credibility in this forum will be completely BLOWN. I’m waiting…

Finally, I didn’t ask for your resume, BJKG, and I don’t think anyone here is interested in hiring you for obvious reasons. Feel free to come down out of the clouds and work on your reading comprehension. I’ll be “cordial and sweet” when you take the time to read and understand what has been said to you. Personally, I consider your inability to read my message accurately offensive and rude - especially when you told me I didn’t say something that’s RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU.



@ Sonartech,

The below is an exact quote from your original posting #1 in this thread.

Nowhere in the above statement does it state that you used the second option titled “Clone DVD” – clone a DVD including all titles and menus.

You have called me a liar. When I make a true statement and someone accuses me of lying I chose not to have any further involvement with that individual. I stand by my Forum history of integrity. I cease to have any additional involvement with you and will never respond to any of your Forum postings and/or PMs.

I wish you luck in you stay at the CD Freaks Forum. Calling a Forum Member a liar is not a good start.

Good Bye,

You need to have a change in attitude if you ever expect help from forum members who devote their knowledge and valuable time in helping others.

If you disagree with someone, that’s fine, but do so in a courteous fashion which apparently you have not done. Quite frankly by calling bjkg a liar is taking it to an exteme, stating unless he provides proof of the DVD catalog number his “credibility in this forum will be completely BLOWN”.

I don’t think so, his credibility will stay in tact. If I were him I wouldn’t waste a keystroke for a reply to that, just not worth the effort. I wish you the best of luck in solving your problem, I can’t help you on this one due to lack of knowledge with the Penn & Tellers disks, nor would I want to even if I had the solution.


Borrowing your idiom “…if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black…” … how shall we call you?
You have entered a Forum, and as it is usually in real life, you have to show respect, especially as a newcomer. This time you have failed, regardless of whether your were right or wrong in the discussion.

I am truly amazed that people new to a forum blow up at members who give good advice, regardless of their previous experience - if there is a misunderstanding - all it takes is to say is - yeah well tried that, still doesn’t work - I am always ready to listen to advice, because even the best of us can miss something obvious evey now and again. Personally I feel this thread should be locked and well forgotten about… (not that my humble self would wish to step on and mods toes)

Sonartech: please mind your manners when someone else is giving you advice concerning your problem. your first reply could be construed as being filled with attitude if read the wrong way (or is it the right way?).

bjkg: don’t take his attack on your credibility too seriously. this is just a forum after all, and as you can see, other members have already rallied to your side, so i think your reputation will be ok. :iagree:

to everyone involved, please take a chill pill. if you don’t have a chill pill to take, please paypal me fifty US dollars and i’ll be glad to provide you with a placebo. action will be taken if i see any more inflammatory posts in this thread.

I couldn’t care less what your opinion is regarding this matter. Your comments are utterly worthless at this point and entirely uneless to this now CLOSED conversation. This ENTIRE discussion went south for one reason only: Because BJKG can’t read, or at least can’t comprehend what he reads. Why don’t you place the blame SQUARELY where it belongs, or are you going to try and tell me I didn’t say something that was as clear as the black and white text in front of your face right now? Did you even bother to read this entire thread?

How do YOU get off giving me grief because he essentially called ME a liar first? By telling me I didn’t say something I most clearly DID say, he called me a liar FIRST. Where’s your defense for THAT? Or do you just conveniently overlook that small, seemingly insignificant fact? My first letter to this forum was cordial and polite. I provided the exact information that needed to be provided for a complete and accurate analysis. All I got in return was admonishment from a group of would-be “DVD 5up3r hax0rz” whose sole credibility lies in their apparent inability to READ THE TEXT IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES.

Are you attention deficit, too? Are you going to sit there and blame ME for his inability to read? You need to read AND UNDERSTAND what’s happening before you play the virtual lap dog and jump to someone else’s defense.



Excellent, Moderator. My complaint: I don’t appreciate being called a liar by BJKG as he did in post #4 above. By telling me I didn’t say something that’s printed CLEAR AS DAY in my first post, he in effect called me a liar. Furthermore, there is NOTHING rude or derrogatory in my reply to him. I merely re-stated what I had already said. I refuse to be held responsible for how he reads his messages - that’s completely beyond my control. I can tell you that I sure as heck don’t appreciate his comment about me being “holier than thou”, and I have to question why you aren’t counseling HIM on his rude behavior in this matter.

Please take the time to EXACTLY explain to me what the following means to you:

“It does this regardless of what mode I select; full disc or individual titles.”

His reply to that was as follows:

You never state that you used the second option titled “Clone DVD” – clone a DVD including all titles and menus in the CloneDVD software program.

Like I said, BJKG called me a liar FIRST. “Moderate” HIM first, please.


ok, this thread is closed. my job is to keep the peace, not take sides.