Penn State students revolt against Napster - DRM invasion

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  Despite thePenn  State  University's new campus-wide music deal with Napster  there are many students upset and angry with this deal.  While Napster promises the students  unlimited...
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1st: Napster sucks like hell. 2nd: Songs are shared by students, not them. 3rd: We have better choices like eDonkey, Kazaa, and many more. Forget Napster!!

SOOoooo…napster is really Grabster…frigging sneaky sneaky RIAA…Uni students everywhere rise and fight the good fight…:X

If you read my comments on a previous Napster article, I’m a former Penn State student. Personally, I don’t mind if songs disappear after students graduate…assuming those students haven’t actually paid money into the service. Under the current system, a fraction of each student’s computer lab fee goes to Napster, and into what is essentially a black hole. Ideally, these music download services should be competing for the privledge of serving a University’s student body, and providing the base level of service for free. If you pay nothing, I see no problem expecting “ephemeral” returns. I also have a problem with Napster’s software being Windows-only, and believe institutes of higher learning should be dealing with this (very complex) issue in an open and intellectual manner, instead of simply rolling over and embracing the industry. I’ve already contacted Joe, and will do what I can to help his cause. :slight_smile: If nothing else, I’ll be sending the University a letter expressing my disapproval.

***a fund to which students must contribute 0 per semester. *** That bug should really be fixed, if possible :slight_smile:

Well, somebody has to crack that protection the files have. And who could do that better than a bunch of students?

How about using Total Recorder and turn these wmacrap in to mp3? :wink:

did they really expect the music to be free???