PENGO-- Better than TY?



Of course not! They’re pretty much garbage. These I got “free” when purchasing a pair of 30 cd plastic multi color filing thingies at Staples. And that was a bit more than they are worth. They scan ok on CDSpeed and are made by PRODISC. I have 60 of these. I’ve burned a few at 24x (they are 52x rated :rolleyes:) on the LiteOn drive and they are the only disks I’ve ever had problems with on playback (I do mostly use TY and TDK, though). I really don’t trust them for anything. BUT, I do have 60.

So, are these a total loss? I hate sullying the garbage with these guys, will I have better luck, say burning at 4x? Or is an unreadable disk unreadable no matter how slow you burn them?


Hmmm … In terms of data longevity and integrity (my main measure of disc quality) I’ve had relatively good experiences with Prodisc CD-Rs, so I find this post quite unusual.

There’s a stickied thread here about burning media too slowly. Seems it’s not a very good idea. IMO if the discs are rated for 52x, you should be using at least 40x to burn them.

By all means experiment different speeds (a good way to learn) but if you can’t get the requisite burn quality you may want to dump them.

But unless Prodisc’s CD production quality has gone massively south over the past 5 years, I can only guess that your problem is one of compatibility (your (cd player?) equipment just doesn’t like this type of disc) rather than one of disc quality or burn integrity.


Try burning one at 16X, see if it helps.


Could you provide a picture of the Disc Info in Nero Discspeed?. I have two prodiscs, one of 6 years and the other of 1 year ago. Look at the pictures.


Maybe all that happened was you got a bad spindle. I’ve had that happen with a pack of memorex branded prodiscs before, the discs would NOT burn, a few worked, but most came out bad!


What LiteOn are you using? Recent 20x drives are the worst CD burners ever.


Since you got 60 of them. Try some different speeds. There might be a optimal setting. Specially with the newer Lite On DVD burners.


Drive is LTR-48246, an excellent TY burner, don’t think I’ve had a single problem burning 200 or so TYs and 50 TDKs. I don’t have the disks that had problems playing. I do remember scanning them and they scanned ok, not as good as TY, but quality 95 or better. Problem is playability, not quality of scan.


I have never found that a media needs to be burnt faster for a better result, and I do most of my CDr media at 4x and 8x speeds and have very good results with even cheepo (SKC Draxon) media when done at these speeds.

I dont ever go over 24x whatever the CD media.