Penalties of downloading illegaly

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What are the consequences if I get caught illegally downloading and/or distributing copyrighted music? Will I go to jail? What are the penalties of downloading?
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Depends on the country you’re in. In the USA, we get sued by the RIAA and you have to sign an agreement syaing that you will delete all illegal music and you’ll never do it again.

Usually settled out of court for a couple grand.

In the news the RIAA want about $750 per song! Im not sure about the others.


They can want all they want, they aint gonna get it!!! I can just see them trying to get that out of an individual who wasn’t profiting from it and has a 100gig of mp3’s! Best hope that everybody they sue owns some oil wells or something.

yea well that is it the thing is if they send you something or try to sue you then you are not just downloading.
i have hear that they watch your internet for 2 to 3 week’s befor they send or even say anything about it.cus if you just download and that is it then you get flaged by them as someone to watch but if you download and play game’s {that you have payed for} they forget about you.
think along the line’s of are drug user the police dont want to get him if he has 1 gam of pot they want the guy that has 10000000000 gams of pot if you get done as are pot smoker then your just unlucky sorry to say.
that is the same with the aar {think that is the name of them} they dont want the guy that downloads the song here and there. :iagree:

Downloading: Nill to None.

As long as when you finish downloading the file you move it to another folder that is not shared within your P2P application they will 99.5% never come after you they are after the UPLOADERS who share the file to everyone else.

If you are not using a P2P application and are downloading off a HTTP website they cant touch you, but if you do use P2P use eMule or something simular not anything like limewire, kazaa lite etc etc.

As for me I live in Australia so I have no need to worry about anything, Even if your American prick RIAA catches me il’d love to see them get me transfered to the U.S.A for a charge of downloading music :bigsmile:

RIAA had to even put pressure on ARIAA to raid Kazaa offices because we where to dam lazy and just dont care about the 99% majority of musicans that are being shared as they are not ours.

I hope You are right about that. If so I’m pretty safe (I only occationally down load stuff and buy as much or more than I download).

Step 1 : They catch you
Step 2 : They sue you
Step 3 : They convict you

Depending on the total sum of missing income (which can be in the millions oof dollars) they can sue you for that amount.

Tip : avoid step 1.

LOL @ Mr. B … But this is a good tip. :iagree: :bow:

Great idea now if everyone does this they wont need to catch anyone because there will be nothing to share :bigsmile:

Yeah, it’s like asking " Will i get stoned if i smoke pot?" or "If i drive over my mother with her SUV, will she be hurt? "

As Bill Engvall would say: “Here’s your sign!” :bigsmile: :iagree:

It really depends on how much. If you download 2 or 3 songs, don’t expect to hear anything. If you are sharing 1000s of songs, you’re going to be in trouble. Follow Matthews advice and you “should” be ok.

ok guys i got are email from the zone alarm {well isp} saying that i am shareing the file of there demo and crack and if i dont stop doing it i will be in @#%t.
but that was when i found my beloved {revconnect} peer to peer program for the very first time and i had anything in there just to download from hubs.
for almost 3 to 4 mth i was downloading hard. i think i downloaded over 200 gig’s easy but that is my point i downloaded and that was it started playing my downloaded thing’s and just left the downloads going in the bck.
now i download about once are week and never hear anything from anyone again. so to me the fact of i got flaged was because of that so they watched my ip to see comming and going info now i download what ever i want and share
alot to but i pay for most of the thing’s i get now so even if they watch my ip they will see that even thou i downloaded the game a week or so ago i am online with the real thing not the downloaded thing.

Well, can’t really blame 'em for trying. Up to you (and your lawyer) how you handle this.

lol i got away as i was just are small person they forget about me i think it is just because of the download’s i was doing for almost 3 to 4 mth i never turned my pc off.
now day’s i havent hear anything bck from them.
and i just share demo’s about 100gig’s of demo’s so that might help it to.