Pen Drives

I am thinking of buying a pen drive. Does anyone have any suggestions? Pen Drives are also known as the USB Flash Drives.


I have a 16MB Trek ThumbDrive Secure that my parents gave me. It has come in quite handy a few times though I wish I had a larger one. I don’t think that it really matters which one you get. Look for the fastest transfer rate as these can be kind of slow. Good luck picking one out!

I found specifications on the Pendrives :wink:

Here’s a few specifications from that page:

Sizes: 32Mbit, 64Mbit, 128Mbit, 256Mbit, 512Mbit and 1Gbit
Erase Cycles 1,000,000 times
Data retention time 10 years
Read transfer > 750KB/second
Write transfer > 450KB/second
Acoustic noise 0 dB (at one meter)
Shock resistance 1000 G (maximum)
Altitude 80,000 feet (relative to sea level)

They are a lot more reliable and about 10X quicker than floppies. They don’t need drivers (according to the site). Note that the sizes mentioned above are in Mbit, so divide 8 into these to get bytes, i.e. 4MB to 128MB. I seen 256MB versions also for sale, but rather expensive.

They aren’t that expensive anymore.

Aus$235 for 256MB.

About the same price as floppy disks.

Windows 98/98se will need drivers and maybe windows 2000.

ME and XP will detect them and use generic drivers that work.

Yes, thanks. I found a 128 mb one for about 50 bucks which is not bad at all.