Pen Drive ”TECHNIKA” Will Not Download?



Hi everybody, I have a 256MB “Technika” pen drive. (Two months old, from Tescos?) It works okay on my P3, Win XP , non connected to internet; computer. It does not downlosd from computers I use at the internet café, or the library. I checked for use restrictions . There are restrictions at the library, but only on the amount of /size of files being downloaded . The pen drive will not D/load even a very small file? There are no restrictions at the internet café. I have being experimenting for the past month to eliminate possible cause, However I am still baffled . At the current stage the pen has Used Space 26.2 MB

Free Space 223 MB
Between my two computers , both P 3 (1) XP (2) win 98se . I can download,transfer to/from the pen drive any size files within the pens capacity.
If I transfer some files to my computer H/Drive I may, or may not free up some space on the pen drive to download from either of the two sources , I. Café/Library , there does not appear to be a specific pattern? I have had 60 MB downloaded from the internet onto the pen , but now it appears to hover around the 26 to 30 MB mark.
Here are a few error messages
“Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error”
Dialog Box ERROR SAVING WEB PAGE “This web page could not be saved”

Any help , creative suggestions welcomed.