PeerGuardian to guard against RIAA tracing tools, still no real solution



I just posted the article PeerGuardian to guard against RIAA tracing tools, still no real solution.

onlinetracker used our news submit to tell us about a new utility called Peer Guardian. The software developed by one avid AudioGalaxy user (a P2P client closed by the RIAA) blocks over…

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And P2P lives on Fuck the RIAA


As long as the Internet exists, so will P2P. There’s no denying that. As for the RIAA, they can go to hell. Instead of wasting time & money trying to chase “pirates”, it would be better to reduce the cost of a cd. If piracy is so much of a problem, then why not remove the reason for why pirates exist. The bastards make enough money from us as it is, I think it’s about time we get something in return. Although I don’t live in the US, I don’t like the idea of these a**holes invading my right or anyone else’s right to privacy. Seeing as they do not legally possess any powers to invade users privacy, it makes me wonder if the RIAA bribe the judges and the entire legal system. My message to the RIAA, you might as well give up now, you’re only fighting a losing (and pointless) battle. P2P Rules!