Peerflix suffering from growing pains

I just posted the article Peerflix suffering from growing pains.

  After, posting the Peerflix story earlier  this week, I decided to join, for "investigatory purposes' to help us keep  an eye on this Internet movie sharing service. Looks like they are growing...
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“Gristy” Be careful i have a Strange Feeling this is going to crash.Now i remember why i thought it Wouldn’t work what Cafrow said on the other Article about “PeerFlix”.
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HUH [instead of WTF] I’m not Gristy he’s over on the other side of the pond! :stuck_out_tongue: Peerflix PeerSafe™ Protection All members are protected by the Peerflix PeerSafe™ protection program. This means you can trade movies that you own, worry free. We will credit you for any DVD that is lost, stolen or damaged. [there ya go jef] :wink: I thought it was OK now that Cheney was using four letter words on the Senate floor.
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Sorry Dan i wasn’t sure which name you used and Gristy was responding on the other thread.(Watch the Language!) :wink:

In any case, it’s good that some companies recognize the potential of technology, unlike some of our friends at the RIAA and MPAA. Business growing pains is a bittersweet time for companies like Peerflix; the business had to flex and bend for the demand at first, but once they get a foot hold, then the sky is the limit. All the best for Peerflix.