Peercast opens source - p2p music webcasting software

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A while ago the United States introduced laws to compensate the record industry for songs that were broadcasted over the internet. The fees however were too high for many internet broadcasters to…

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Again P2P shows that it is the way forward.

i am more excited about this then the day i reached puberty. i will see how to broadcast my entire nites show on saturday & friday nights from the club that i dj from. they will be giving me a dsl or t connection in the next few weeks - this is cool.s

This is soooo great!!! There you are RIAA… this will be surely as important as Kazaa! RIAA, you still didn’t learn from your mistakes as stubborn as you guys are. P2P will rule over your greed! PeerCast: a lot of great musicians & bands welcome and ambrace you!!! Good Luck!!!