"Peer To Peer" users buy more music

I just posted the article “Peer To Peer” users buy more music.

The research firm Jupiter Media Metrix found that

experienced file sharers are more likely to actually increase the amount of money they spend on CDs-Thirty four percent of all peer-to-peer users…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3791-Peer-To-Peer-users-buy-more-music.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3791-Peer-To-Peer-users-buy-more-music.html)

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the indrustry is laggin behind…but why, is it because they cannot c the whole picture because of their greed…or is it because they, 4 some reason, just don’t want to believe…or maybe they just can’t read :wink:

Even without these peer-to-peer sharing programs my spendings on Audio CDs has increased to an average of 50-75 euro a week. But I do go out and try to find reasonable priced CDs or use coupons to buy newer (and thus higher priced CDs) Downloading music allows people to listen to music in a comfortable setting so they can decide for themselves whether or not they like the music enough to actually buy the CD. First these people would not buy the CD becuase they were not sure they’d like it, they didn’t take the risk first, now there is little risk. This might explain perhaps why sales have increased…

The research firm Jupiter Media Metrix seems to be the only research firm talked about that reports an increase of music sales for people that use file sharing. Everyone else reports a loss of sales because of piracy. This may because file sharing increases sales however, other forms of piracy are the true loss of profit. Or maybe whatever poll their using to determine an increase of sales is biased or flawed. However, this also may be because the RIAA wants total control of their product and factors in all forms of piracy to make file sharing look bad, because they feel eventually they will lose all control to file sharing. I don’t think we’ll see accurate results unless we start getting results posted by multiple research firms.

Doh! I just saw this somewhere else and posted it again!