Peer Impact P2P signs deal with four major labels



I just posted the article Peer Impact P2P signs deal with four major labels.

Media, provider of Peer Impact P2P software, has completed a deal with four major music lables including
Sony/BMG and Universal Music Group. In case you don’t know, Peer Impact is an…

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So what do you do when your download is corrupted. Is there still a centralized server which tracks your purchases? Where’s the liability here? Presently if the file you get off P2P is corrupt, you just get back on DL again, but would you be able to do that with their system?


It’s not hard to make a P2P download system that checks the file to make sure it’s accurate. Take a look at eDonkey and BitTorrent for more evidence of that. Both, to my knowledge, check for anything corrupt in the download as they download the file. I know for certain BT does this and I’m fairly certain eDonkey does as well (at the very least I’ve never downloaded a corrupted file). Either way, BT is proof positive that P2P can ensure a perfect download.
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