Peer guardian2,isit doing its job?

hello all
just trying to make alittle sence of whats happened latly.
when downloading lately, i see blocked connections from commumication center,china aerospace and the one that got my attention was time warner then reassined to the office of the judiciary??am i in deep doo doo or hopefully peer guardian is doing its job??i have’nt recived an mail or threating letters. I dont know how all of youu are but when i see things like this i allways think of the worst. what does anyone think or any suggestions??

hav’nt posted for awhile & just thought i’d through this out there & see if anyone else has had or seen this.thanks

nah you’re good, those are normal along with DoD and a few others

Well yea its doing it’s job. Thats what peer guardian is spose to do. Block big companies from accessing your pc and lookin at your files.