Peer Guardian

I heard Peer Guardian is really good, check it out at:

but …what if the RIAA MPA BPI etc didnt stay in one place that is they all spread around every hour or are constantly on the move or tracking people from aeroplane, cave, or from inside a van and changing position? what if they were using wireless network?

Would peer guardian still keep you protected?

lol from aeroplane,cave,van you seen too much tv,anyway peerguardian have a large list of bad ip ranges but that may not stop riaa and alike true they have their own ip ranges but who said they must use their internet to get it done probably many employs have internet at home and connected to some standard isp without any special ip range also you cant be 100% sure that peerguardian list contains all of those companies ip ranges there might be ranges that arent on the list, peerguardian is preety good but will not keep you truly protected

Peer Guardian will keep you “relatively” safe, especially from the casual scan. It works, and we KNOW it works. Try it - fire it up, let it update the lists, and then try to download a torrent. ANY torrent. Watch how many connections get denied, and see where they’re from!

What cracks me up is that I have PG2 set to, by default, deny “governmental” machines. So when I’m downloading pr0n from my favorite pr0n server… EVERY torrent I download there’s a guy on the torrent whose IP tracks back to the City of Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada. Some city employee is using the city’s big fat pipe (hehe, fat pipe) to download pr0n at work. That just cracks me up every time I see him. Apparently he likes all the same kinds of pr0n as I do. Hrm…

But anyway - of course nothing will keep you totally safe. But odds are that MOST bad IP ranges are blocked by PG2, and what’s important is that you not be observed by the **AA in a PATTERN of downloading. One song isn’t going to trigger a nasty letter in the mail.

Peer Guardian is a very good software but have anyone heard of protowall?
Some peoples say that this app is better than Peer Guardian but the downside is its a little harder to install and you also need blocklist manager to get the list of blocked ip’s. Anyone have any clue which is better?

somthings wrong, i download,installed and updated the software but something weird happen. When i open firefox and surf the net peerguardian would bolck me form going to such sites as yahoo,google, and others. Any reason it is doing this and how can i resolve this? :bow:

right click the tray icon and uncheck “block http”

Thankz, now it works :clap:

yeh, i heard of Protowall. I heard Peer Guardian is a bit more superior than Protowall. Protowall doesnt use all the protocols in blocking like TCP, UDP etc (somthing along these lines) and also it has a few minor bugs. The most important thing i dont like happenning is getting blue screens (BSOD’s) thats one of the bug it mentions.

(also depends which site you look at, different sites will say different things, like for some people its running fine, without problems).

Peer guardian and protowall are ip blocking software like Jap, except their more specialised but you will still need firewall and the rest of the security suite (i do anyway), to be 99% safe.

So at the moment Peer Guardian is the best ip blocker on the web or is there any other ones that are equally superior or even better?

I installed PG but I only turn it on when I use Revconnect. When running in the background while browsing it blocks alot of legitimate sites. I could not get on to the site untill I turned of PG and I couldnt play Counter Strike Source until turning it off

I havent heard of any others so far, this one is specifially for p2p client applications, you can do other things like double-up your security on your system. Like, i’ve got Sygate firewall in stealth-mode, i got Prevex home, also get Spy sweeper, i got spy bot search & destroy, MS-Anti-spy, spyware blaster. Prevex and spy sweeper will prevent the installation of spyware before it even gets to your hard drive.

And, if you are really paranoid like me, but luv ur movies and cant afford the retail price of DVD’s cinema, TV or VHS, clean your system out regularly with Evidence eliminator, Active@Killdisk etc, just do everything.

You can also double-up on your ip blocking, as well peer gaurdian, get Jap, then goto and check everything is secure, check you got no holes in your system, install all the critical updates. You should end-up with a bullet proof system, everytime something tries to install or change it will require your persmission. Its like bullets coming half towards you and then stopping and turning back.

You sure know how to protect ur somputer :iagree: . The softwares that i have are outpost firewall, ez antivirus, ad-aware, and peer guardian. Do you think this is enough? :confused:

Does boubling up really meake that much of a difference? About the Jap program can u give me a link to it or something like that cuz i searched google what the keyword “jap” and all i got are theres japnese sites.

O yea, forgot to ask something. Does having a unknown ip adress makes u even more safe cuz i just stumble on this website about ip adress hiding

google for more than just JAP, I got it by googleing, JAP IP Blocking :slight_smile:

If you want to be lazy


Thankz Bjproc, for the site. There is something that I dont really understand. I wanta know if jap is an ip blocking app like peer guardian or is it an app that helps keep u anonymous or is it both?

I heard outpost is good but i havent really used it so cant say how good it is. I once installed it and it messed my system up and i also found it confusing so i uninstalled it. I have tried zone alarm and tiny personal firewall, but i find sygate better, it has more configuration options. Sygate does everything else all the others do plus more e.g. it warns of major security intrusions by flashing its lights in the system tray, it even allows you to see where the intrusion is coming from and trace back, it happend to me, i traced them back to some “unknown” hosting company not far from where i live, never heard of them but it could be someone was doing a covert survielence for all i know. Sysgate has also has DoD security, stealth security, .dll blocking and many other advanced faetures.

Does boubling up really meake that much of a difference? About the Jap program can u give me a link to it or something like that cuz i searched google what the keyword “jap” and all i got are theres japnese sites.

Depends how scared/paranoid you are. With me it used to be when i heard the police car, i thought thats it, when i heard a helicopter hovering above me for more than 10 mins, thats it, until one day someone told me, you wont know the police are coming they will suddenly turn up at your door, someone also told me police turned up at their door at 5am in the moring unexpectedly (raided there house), took away their PC. So after that i ran Evidence Eliminator and DoD Active@kill disk - virtually, i pressed the red button for PC melt-down

heres Jap: Jap


Does having a unknown ip adress makes u even more safe

you can NEVER be 100% safe, EVER. Even if you are 99.9% safe, i would always watch my back.

All those movies out on TV like CSI and others, they are showing IN the movie, how advanced technology and the FED’s are.

There are a whole range of ip blocking/hiding software out there and the basic concept around it is they use proxy servers.

PG is specialist ip blocking/hiding software specifically for using with p2p clients while the others are more in the general anonimity domain.


they all use some kind of proxy server but beware, some of them could be “honey-pots”

Jap doesnt mention anything about p2p, torrent clients etc, i would say its in the general domain.

So what u mean is that by pressing a botton you can earase ur hd? I can tell you that there are alots of way for them to bring back all them datas.

yeh, i know, what other ways can they use to bring back data?

what about running Active@kill disk using the Russian method 7 wipes, or the Guttman method 35 wipes?

I heard if you use those 2 methods they cant ever bring it back, and if they could, it would be really really expensive and time consuming.

Last method: degauss it.

I am not sure about these methods, do u have a link or something that can tell me more of these 2 methods of data wipe?