Peer Guardian Shutdown?

Is there anybody knows what happen with PG2… due to I can’t update or go to their website…?
I got this message:
" You are seeing this page because the current domain is not configured in the current set of name servers / or the DNS account has expired. If this is an error you should contact your System Administrator immediately."


I am getting the same thing when i went to their new website, that was yesterday 10/22/05 late evening cause i was noticing when i started it up I update the lists I have and that went fine, and there was nothing usual, everything appeared like normal, but when I started my Torrent Client up, usually I start getting hits from those that try to get into my ip addy, but all i could see was the allowed connections that were connecting and coming thru like normal, but i wasnt seeing any IP addy’s being blocked so within bout 2 minutes i shut down my client i was using and started checking, I went to their new website and got what you got, then I did searches at google, msn and yahoo and didnt find nothing till today 10/23 here, so i do not know if methlabs has been taken down by those of the RIAA or anyone like them, but till I know more I wont be downloading anything, which sucks much rocks, lol, but got to be careful nowadays, with all the morons that feel they can use THEIR laws to INVADE MY PRIVACY!!

Some info… - though the situation seems to be rather uncertain, and still ongoing - still accessible - but it seems the home page has been tampered with.

What a MESS!

Well, at last I got the website and they got problem with the DNS. is currently experiencing DNS Problems. - We’ll be back soon.
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