Peer 2 peer program that you use



What is your peer 2 peer program that you use. :slight_smile:

well i think everone here know’s that i love my revconnect :bigsmile:


Revconnect? Isn’t that like DC++? I tried it and it looks EXACTLY like DC++…What gives? What’s the difference?


i use emule


I use the only one p2p with brains - BitTorrent

#5 :slight_smile: if u ask me its faster … but if i use p2p then i use dc++ its way better then anuthing else bigger speed and u can brows users dir’s so its grate


started with DirectConnect after that DC++ after that oDC and then back to DC++ (oDC was crashing all the time) and now using Revconnect.
up till now revconnect is the best p2p client i used so far.

Revconnect? Isn’t that like DC++? I tried it and it looks EXACTLY like DC++…What gives? What’s the difference?

it loads and looks exactly the same as DC++
you can see the difference in the advanced options screen. the the main improvement of revconnect is that you’re able to download from multiple sources at the same time.


do you still find bit’s out there i thought they stoped it ???


burst is the best


Bit-torrent is dead, but the creator, along with the manager of of, created Exeem–which is just nicely starting up. It’s like a hybrid between bit-torrent and Kazaa. It’s all torrent based, but in a regular P2P gui. When you get a good set of seeds the speeds FLY. I like it.


BT is FAR from dead…:rolleyes: any intelligent file-sharer knows this.

exeem is a buncha crap IMHO…has Cydoor spy/adware and makes it even easier to track file-sharers. read here as to the “whys”

im surprised nobody EVER mentions Soulseek (probably the best p2p for GOOD music).


Going by our recent news, BitTorrent is live & kicking :cool:

However when many suddenly see the loss of their favourite hub, for a while it will seem like their network has been killed off like Napster. But like regular websites, if user’s favourite site is shutdown this does not mean the Internet is gone also.

The following graph (sourced from Slyck news) shows Internet traffic over a recent 24-hour period:

● Remaining non-P2P
● BitTorrent
● eDonkey2000
● FastTrack
● Gnutella
● Remaining P2P
● Recognising


thank you for the very informative post Seán!


wow go the bit’s :rolleyes: i just thought when someone got sued fot the bittorrent the rest would run but i was worng.


as long as i can get what im seaching for with rev connect i dont see any reasons to change p2p client.
torrent seems like a hit or miss to me
i tried it and soem friends of mine too and wel all didnt liked it, too slow.
but when i ask some persons at work they say they love torrent.
conclusion; for some it works for other not


The little blue frog!


Rev Connect all the way baby!!! You know it Vegeta-inc!!


yea got to love that one but man little blue frog ???

or is that the name of the program


little blue frog ???


I have used primarily Azureus for the past 4-5 months, but occasionally Shareaza for individual tracks…

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind


Azureus is my p2p app of choice.