Peculiar spike at 0.25 gig



I thought it was just my drive, but I notice it more and more on other ND-3500 disc quality scans. A very large spike, at the beginning, in both the PIE and PIF graphs at around 0.25 gig. Is this peculiar to the ND-3500 or does anyone else notice this. It is on just about every disc I burn. I know a spike is nothing to worry about, but for it to happen all the time in the same spot, is this something to worry about. Other that the spike, the scans are pretty even all the way thru. :confused:


I don’t see such a spike in my scans.
Your statements are very general and not very detailed.
What firmware are you using?
What speed are you burning?
Which discs is this occurring with?
How large are these “spikes” ?

Post some scans for us to visual the details.


what drive are you using for error checking. different drives report errors differently. for example, if you are error checking on a benq 1620 I might be concerned. also look at what you have running in the backgound. sometimes things like antivirus software or multitasking while scanning can have an effect on error checking. try disabling all background programs and rescan…


Sorry, should have attached some scans. Here are 3 scans with 3 good media, all show the spike. The reason I mentioned it was because I saw similiar spikes at the same spot on other scans from different people in different threads. Is this semi-common with the ND-3500AG? Using LD-v2b4 firmware, but I’ve had similiar scans with previous versions as well. I burn at 8x, the maxell -R and ricojpnro1 are rated 4x but burn at 8x and the ty is rated 8x. I have had spikes as high as 300-400 PIE and 100+ PIF. The rest of the scan is fine and they play flawlessly. Scan with Liteon 5232K combo. I always disable my antivirus during burns and don’t use the computer during burns.
P4 3.0ghz 512 ram 160 HD :confused:


that spike shouldn’t be their – especially not on the ty. have you tried scanning it in someone elses computer on a different drive? what does the scan look like is kprobe?


scanning with a combi drive will not give accurate scans, you need to use a liteon/sony dvd burner or benq , plextor drive to get anything like an acurate pie/pif scan.

you say they play ok, i would do a transfer rate test using you 3500 and if you get a nice clean curve with no big drop off`s then the discs will be fine.


Here’s the TY with kprobe. Same spike. The transfer test could’t be better! I guess it’s just an anomoly with the drive. I hope it’s not a sign of trouble down the road. :eek: I don’t have access to other drives.


That spike is somehow a ‘bug’ of the 5232K when scanning PI/PIF @4x. The disc really does not have a problem; so, it’s a spike you can neglect. If you scan @ higher speeds, that spike dissapears :slight_smile: .

I have both Nec 3500 (LD V2 B3) and Liteon combo 5232K (NK0E hacked for 12x reading; didn’t like NK0H upon several tests, specially reading DVD discs: PI/PIF/transfer speeds). I have a Liteon 811s too (DVD writer) .

I use both Litey’s for ‘stressing’ PI/PIF scanning (typical: read@4x, 811s; read@12x, 5232K). Obviously, they show different behaviour, but I have found them pretty useful for verifying burning quality, despite the fact 5232k is not a DVD writer.

I have made burns @8x (and 12x, and 4x), using the awesome nec… and Liggy/Dea firmware.

Hope this helps ,


Still there at 8x, gone at 12x. Curious! Thanks 40taco. :iagree:


not really curious… you are scanning it with a dvd player not a writer neither of those programs will show anything near accurate with them.

it is not supported by cd speed.

as stated in the kprobe thread kprobe is ONLY designed to work with liteon DVD WRITERS


Yes, I understand that, but they’re the only tools we have to work with and, though not real accurate, should give a reasonable idea what the burns are like.


it appears to be a “feature” of liteons, where the liteon changes spin speed
it produces a spike. Read at a speed where the spin speed change doesn’t
happen and the spike goes away.


Same thing happens to me Not a too huge spike but it always happens at the begining I think it must be the media. :rolleyes:
BTW these verbatim 16x discs are cheaper and the best burns I get. 25 pack for 39 bucks is pretty good where I am especailly for 16x discs. The only 16x around that Ive seen.


i guess it depends on your definition of reasonable. if having to guess whether there is actually a bump in the pif or whether it is a figment of the drives imagination is reasonable then so be it but a transfer rate test is probably a far better way for you to know if the disc is ok or not


I get it also.

There are no problems with it.

I suspect it’s a small issue with the NEC3500 … and litey scanners …

It’s never affected any discs performance & at any rate, goes away when scanning at lower or high speeds :wink:


I do transfer rate tests as well, but I like to check for errors with the disc quality test. As I said, I don’t have access to other drives. Is there a way to compare scans from burn of different drives with the same media? As far as what’s reasonable, if I can see that there are no large blocks with very high errors, I can at least get an idea if the burn is decent.

Thanks everyone for the input, I didn’t know if it was a defective burner or a fignewton of my imagination. I feel more comfortable now that it’s just a wierd anomally with Liteon scans of NEC burns. :iagree:

debro: where the heck is Neeracs Ayno?