Peculiar Problem - SH-S182M Pls help

:confused: Very recently bought a EXTERNAL Samsung SH-S182M DVD writer (from I have a acer laptop windows XP (which too have a CD RW/DVD ROM). Plugged in the device in its USB 2 port, installed the driver (CD) supplied, upgraded/installed the latest driver (SB02) from samsung site and burned (+ played) a couple of CDs neatly. But whenever I am trying to burn a blank DVD +R (HP 16X or Philips 8X), it is simply not recognizing the blank media. I don’t have nero, but have couple of other cd-dvd burning sofwares. When I am inserting a blank CD its showing that 700 MB is free (in the “My Computer” listing). But when inserting a new blank dvd, the small green light (in front of the drive) keeps on blinking for few minutes and nothing shows up in the dir listing regarding the disk space free (but I can see both the drives listed). I just tried to copy few avi files with the softwares, but they are saying “Disk media does not exists” or asking to insert a blank media. (By EXTERNAL I mean it is in an as usual external enclosure). First I thought its only a CD writer. Do I have to check the jumper setting (but as I said it CAN burn CD +R)?
Can anyone please please suggest. Thanks in advance.

You must use a real and updated burning app to be able to burn DVDs.
You can try with Nero trial or Imgburn.

Thanks for replying…but do you want to say all the below apps are flop:-
(1) NTI CD / DVD Maker 7 (Licensed version)
(2) CyberLink PowerProducer Gold (Licensed version)
(3) DeepBurner
(4) DIVX Burner
I have tried all of them and they just says insert a blank disc.
My problem is the drive is detected (as I said before I successfully burnt CDs) but disks are NOT detected. Will NERO detect those DVD? or is there a problem with HP/Philips.
When you insert a blank dvd does it shows and says 4.7 GB in Free space column (My Computer).
Thanks. :confused:

Not important, because blank DVD media is not recognized.
Use an updated burning app.

What Chef is trying to say is, In my Computer it will not show a blank DVD ready for writting like it does with a CD.

Go to your burning program like Nero and Try it there. Dont worry what My Computer Status tells you. If you get the same problem in any burning program, then it could be a laser problem. Get it exchanged. It happens, I had the same promblem a year agon with a brand new Benq-1620.

Yes, thanks for the explanation. :wink:

:cool: No Problem.

But when inserting a new blank dvd, the small green light (in front of the drive) keeps on blinking for few minutes

Your problem sounds similar to mine. I have the SH-S182M and I have successfully used it to burn 50+ DVDs using Verbatim DVDs. I recently tried to use some TDKs and it doesn’t seem to recognize them. It just spins the blank DVD endlessly, with the green LED blinking. Is it possible that this Drive is just doesn’t recognize certain media/

You definitely need real DVD burning software to burn DVDs.