Peculiar CDROM and CDRW Problem

This is very weird. I’m not sure how to explain the problem but I will do my best. When I insert a CD into my CDROM and CDRW drives, it will play and everything. When I am reading the contents of the disc just as normal, everything works well. Now, whenever I try to read an image of the disc or just simply copy contents of the disc to my hard drive, it will read for about 2 seconds, and pause for 5, then read for 2 seconds and pause for 5, and so on. So, the light that indicates the reading is on for 2 seconds, off for 5, and so on. The only problem is that it takes a long time to copy contents, but it still works. This did not happen until after I reformatted my computer about a few months ago. Does anybody have any brilliant ideas regarding fixing this problem? Any input on the matter is greatly appreciated.

Does anybody have any problems understanding what my problem is?

Just an idea … :confused:

After re-formatting your computer, did you install
the chipset- and ide-drivers for your motherboard?

after you have done the above, try to enable DMA,

After reformatting, I did not install any of those drivers, and DMA is already enabled. Any suggestions?

I suggest to install the chipset- and/or ide-drivers from the CD
that came with your motherboard.

You will also find them on the website of your motherboard manufacturer.