Pearl White Verbatim (CMC)



Spotted These for £9.99 for 50 today Part Code: 43553-50 bargin or not


My suggestion is to avoid “pearl white” series. They have lesser quality than “regular” verbatim media


I too would keep away from them. “Regular” Verbatims are a much safer bet. :slight_smile:


CMC media can be okay, but be sure that your burner supports them well.
I don’t think it’s a real bargain, my local Saturn is selling 25 Verbatim Advanced Azo+ (“regular” Verbatim) for € 9.99. That’s a little bit more expensive than your Pearl Whites, but Pearl Whites have been increasingly Ritek too, which I would avoid at any cost (especially the dash media)…


I like CMC media, but the regular Verbatim discs are better. As said, Pearl Whites can be Ritek, which I wouldn’t touch with a mile-long barge pole!


Are you calling “[I]Pearl White[/I]” the Photo Printable Verbatim Data Life Plus DVD+R, which have a white top ?


Nah, they’re actually called “Pearl White”.