Peal Harbor?

:confused: Hello, I am brand new. So if this question has been asked before or if I can not ask this question I’m sorry. I have a DVD Fab Express. I bought this in March of this year. I have recored many many DVDs and had no trouble until now when I have tried to recored Peal Harbor. It stops about half way through. I get no error. I have tried 3 differant DVDs. I have windows XP and very good computer my son built for me. Can any body help me?

Very little info plus it doesn’t give you any error messages I think all the suggestions would be just guess but here’s my guess get a DVD cleaning solution usually under 10.00 USD. Then retry again.

what kind of information do you need?

I’m not familar with Fab express so this is just a guess. Isn’t Pearl Harbor a really long movie? If so are you using a Dual Layer disc? If not maybe you are runing out of space. This is just a guess because i never saw Pearl Harbor so i don’t know the length of the movie or used that DVD software.

Well any error code messages would help. DVD drive brand and firmware you can get this by useing nero cd/dvd speed google it and get it. This is a free program. Blank DVD media brand and manufactuers ID. I’ll post a how to on this plus the download. If you have nero 6 or 7 this is in the nero package if not here’s the info to get it and use it.

For those of you that have nero this is the tool you can use also or you can download it byClicking Here.

This screen you can see the firmware version of your drive.

Youc click on disc and see the manufactuers ID/ Media Tag here.

Yes it is like over 2 hours if I remember right.

Yeah i just looked it up. It’s 184 min long.

I don’t use this either but I do know this info will help for those who know how and about this software. If I eliminate the question the experiance can offer better help.

Perhaps not being able to burn Pearl Harbor is a blessing in disguise?


Perhaps split the movie over several discs? Using something like CuCusoft?
Can anyone else suggest other software tht can do this?

There is some other problem afoot here. Fab express will rip the movie no problem. It doesn’t matter how long it is, express is configured to compress to fit on a SL disc unless the target size has been intentionally altered (default setting is 4200MB) or DL burning has been enabled (SL is the default).

Now, you may or may not be happy with this amount of compression (say close to 50% or so) when burned to an SL disc, but that has nothing to do with the rip process. So there’s something else up if the rip fails.

Fab gold (the other app contained in platinum) will split to 2 discs, no problem.

Just to recap:

Fab platinum is comprised of express and gold - both separate and standalone apps.

Express will always compress, unless the file size is smaller than an SL disc or you have enabled DL burning (make sure DL burning remains unchecked if you want to compress).

Gold will never compress and will always split to two SL discs unless the file size is smaller than a SL disc or you have enabled DL burning.


“Perhaps not being able to burn Pearl Harbor is a blessing in disguise?”

…hahahaha… :iagree: