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Hi, Question? Is there a free software program that can create PDF files?

Mr. Bill :slight_smile:

Hi,[QUOTE=Mr.Bill;2450339]Is there a free software program that can create PDF files? [/QUOTE]Of course, there is: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/ :slight_smile:


I’ve tried many such apps, and among the free ones I like best DoPdf, for the small size of the pdf produced, speed, and cpu resources needed.

asked several times before I believe…
Do not know if CutePDF is free, but that is what we use here at the office.

Thanks everyone I will give them a try.

Mr. Bill :bow:

CutePDF is what I regularly use at work and so far haven’t had any issue with it. It’s freeware for home and commercial use and doesn’t contain adware or watermarks unlike some of the other so called “free” PDF makers. When installed, it appears like a printer.

The resulting PDF size depends a lot on the source document and the resolution you choose to print to the PDF printer at. Generally a good quality full A4 flyer with graphics will result in a 1MB to 2MB size PDF. If the document only contains text, the resulting PDF can be very small, e.g. several pages in a 100KB PDF.

Bullzip is a good tool as well

CutePDF does not work for me on Vista - worked fine on XP