PDF (Ebooks) files...Can these be converted to dvd?

I’m trying to convert my ebooks to a format that I can use to burn to CD and then watch on a stand alone player and my tv. Just making a data cd with Nero doesn’t work. Any ideas.

A complex task.
Copyright problems apart, you have to either produce a flash, video or a slideshow disc from PDF files, meaning you need some kind of photo/image to start from and got from the source files (jpeg, gif? - would say the first…).
From a technical point it seems possible and the complications can come from the protections and the Law at your place.

Hi agomes
My researching the 'net shows there are programs that convert pdf to html and Word and one that sounds promising is DocSmartz PDF to Word. Would converting to either of those formats be of any use? Other proggies also talk about converting to tiff, jpeg etc so that doesn’t sound like a problem. But what the heck would I do with a 200 page book converted to jpeg? (I’m mostly an audio guy lol)

Maybe you should search for something to convert pdf into powerpoint slideshow instead. I have no idea if there is such a tool, it’s only an idea :flower:

Thanks geno…there are programs listed that convert to powerpoint. Assuming I did that, what would be the next step? Is that a format Nero Burning would recognize?

Interesting problem, depends on the contents of the PDF. If primarily text, this maybe hard/uncomfortable to read on SDTV for long periods. It would also depend on the support your standalone device has for JPEG format on a CD/DVD disc. Worst case, you would I assume have to convert to VOB/MPEG which AFAIK, is how most standalone picture slideshow programs work.

Have you tried reading even DVD credits on a TV screen? Even if you found the software to produce the video, you’d be hard pressed to display more than 40 char per line on a TV…

This is a good point :iagree:

Maybe the better solution is to print the pdf file on plain paper :flower:

You guys read my mind! After a day and a half of fruitless putzing around trying out lots of pdf conversion programs I realized that, even with a 3x zoom on my dvd player, this whole quest is pretty much doomed to failure. Reading them on a tv screen just isn’t practical. It’s going to be much easier to print them out and read them in bed that way :iagree:

But thanks to everyone for their suggestions and help. I think we should chalk this topic up as ‘closed’, ‘solved’ or what ever you wish to call it. I call it a giant pain in the arse :slight_smile: