.pdb files how to read them on pc

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I have a dpb file (palm file) and i would like to open it on my pc. No matter how much i googled for it i could find no way to do this. Has anyone tried this?


Try XnView!

Here some info about opening palm binaries on PC:


tried xnview no joy. I will be trying out broncos suggestion and let you know. Thanx :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this will help you but maybe giving it a read will help



Hey you stole my link… :eek:

Your right I did. Opps Sorry. I did however chop it down so that it didn’t go to the instructions page but the main page.

What i have tried unsuccessfully so far:

  • PalmDesktop
  • xnView
  • creatorhome mobipocket
  • ereader

The one that came close was ereader as it did open other pdb files it came with but returned with an error on the one i want to access. I sincerely hopw it aint a fubar file.

Thanx guys. Will try out the ones you suggested and let you know :slight_smile:

Lol i cant execute the pDocs software as i get an error about 16bit apps in windows (its an sp1 issue that is solved with sp2 but dont wanna install that bugger yet).

Same goes for the pdbconverter, geez.

Mediaget has been Update. It is powerful and Usefu l.we can download tons of files at a time and managing them is absolutely simple and quickly.we can see more info on



that guy has some info on breaking pdb files down. perhaps you could break it down - and then use some hex editor to read the file you need. If the file is not very large, this may be the easiest inelegant solution

Thanx ckin will try that out to :slight_smile:

It is a 28mb file and is supposed to be text with pictures (ebook or something) so its kinda big.

ew, thats not gonna work so good then :confused:

I am Using isilo to read pdb file on my pc. Download it below:

Its been ages ago, but still - thanx for the info and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I just thought I should clarify for you all that a PDB file IS NOT a DPB file. PDB stands for Protein Data Bank.

These PDB files are files that contain all of the structural, conformational, geometrical, bond length, and quantum properties of the PROTEIN for which the PDB file was made. (google Protein Data Bank, you will see a massive database of these files for every protein whose structure has been characterized).

At any rate, the point of this post is that I am looking specifically for a property of PDB files (being a structural biochemist), and just wasted 5-10 minutes reading about something COMPLETELY different because someone can’t type correctly.

Please pay more attention to the title of you’re posts, you’re liable to confuse mad scientists like me =P

hehehe we try our best to confuse :confused:
Welcome to the forum hitechhate. :slight_smile:

Well…PDB files are also Program Debug Database files created by MS Visual studio. Besides, the first post said it was a Palm file. You read slow :wink:

hello all. you guys may have started this post a long time ago but maybe you guys are still tuned in. I am trying to do the same thing that hemispasm was trying to do but my pdb file is a voice memo, i tried all those options above and none work since they all for doc files or something else. Does anyone know how to read pdb files that are not doc files, i hot synced my fone and lost a voice memo that was really important and i dont know how to get it back, but there is an archived version in my fone. Does anyone know how to help me? i would really appreciate it!