PDA: Which would you recommend for me?

Hi all,

Due to an excess of vacation days I have decided to trade some in and but some PC related stuff (gotta love Dutch tax law where you don’t have to pay income taxes over it this way). Doing so leaves me with a budget of about EUR 650 (USD 750).

Since I have basically all I need for my PC, I was thinking of a PDA. This PDA has to meet certain requirements (must-haves) for me:

[li]Must have GPS (Europe/Netherlands) capability (my sense of direction is terrible and a car navigation system is far more expensive);
[/li][li]Must be compatible with Lotus Notes (as used at work and would like to have the sync abilities);
[/li][li]Must have the option to expand memory (preferably up to 512 MB, but 256 MB would do nicely too)
Bluetooth would be nice, but not a must-have, neither is extensive media (mpeg/avi/mp3) support. The option to have compability with Outlook and Lotus Notes would be great, even more so when conversion of databases is possible, but again, not a must-have.

There are two PDAs I have my eye on, but I am hoping people here are able to give me some pointers and/or own experiences on this, as I haven’t set foot in a computer store for over 2 years now (back in the days when I used to sell them to earn a living in my student days). These two are the Palm Tungsten T3 and the HP iPaq Pocket PC 2215 (the iPaq 5555 is bit overdone, though very nice).

I have read reviews of both (Tungsten T3 and iPaq 2215). They both seem to perform very well and it is hard to choose.

Each have their plusses and minusses. The Palm M515 is officially supported by our IT staff, so it is most likely that the Tungsten can count on better support from our IT staff (which is a big plus since I want it to be compatible with office applications). The iPaq has the option to use it as a remote control (although this is a nice feature, it is more a play thingie).

So, what do you think? What would be the best PDA to buy to suit my needs? Since the GPS is vital to me, I am also curious about what product are best (heard good stories about TomTom Navigator).

Many thanks in advance!

What about the Dell Axim handhelds? I believe they are pretty cheap and are capable of all you want.

Originally posted by DoMiN8ToR
What about the Dell Axim handhelds? I believe they are pretty cheap and are capable of all you want.

Sounds nice, but that one gets outperformed on all fields by both the PDAs mentioned in my post.
(check this)

Well , since Psion has left the building , You should go for the Epoch/Symbian OS on a Nokia 9210i . Definitely worth it !

Having the keyboard (OK , too big fingers is a disadvantage here !) and wide colourscreen folded safely into a long mobile phone (length 1,5 times Nokia 3510i) is a beautifull and practical idea . And getting on the Internet is easy !
Hopefully they carry their creation further in to the future than Psion …

/me thinks Ipaq is leading and has the most software available at the moment.

Ok, got the iPAQ with TomTom navigator…

Hope it won’t let me down.
Now all I have to do is find some good quality apps to use so I can use this device as best as possible (I have no idea what is out there…but that will be something for software forum)

Thanks for the suggestions!