PDA/Smartphone Profile - Need Help

I’ve just acquire my best phone ever. A Dopod 810.

It runs Windows Mobile 5 and has great capabilities.

I want to drop some of my movies onto the 4Gb memory card and have tried both the PDA and Windows Mobile Smartphone profiles but both return “Cannot play this file” errors.

Has anyone else got any ideas?


I don’t know what kind of media file can be accepter by your smart phone ?

Do you have any small sample files which can play in your smart phone ?

if you have the sample file, I think I can create a profile for your smart phone.


I do have but the smallest one is over 200mb and I get a limit error. I’m also checking a couple of things myself at the moment and will post results here.


Here are the specs from the Dopod website:

Media Player: Windows Media Player 10 Mobile for music audio & video
Supported Formats: Polyphonic, MP3, WMA, WAV, MID, AMR, AAC & M4A
Looks like a great phone, but if it will not take files over 200 MB, no movies.
Screen is 320x240

Nah. The 200mb error was the forum limit to upload a sample to Ting.

I’ve just done a preliminary profile for it if anyone is interested and it seems to work. I’ve upload it but I’m gonna do some more testing tonight.

I had to give it a txt extension to upload it so rename it to an XML file


cellphone.3gp.mpeg4.aac.Dopod.810.txt (806 Bytes)

Wish they sold them here. Looks really cool.:cool: If you haven’t already, experiment with the framerate and video bitrate. I found that my LG VX9400 phone will play higher framerates at some screen sizes and will tolerate higher (up to 350-400kbps) bitrates with some settings and content. Otherwise the profiles are similar. I don’t understand why most phones won’t play video at 30fps (or even 24).

Did 5 encodes overnight using my Dopod profile… Guess what?

They all worked perfectly…

Maybe Fengtao will want to use the Dopod profile in the next build???


You shopuld send it to Ting care of Fengtao he does most of the dvd mobile stuff

Already have…

Now that I got the profile working fine, it appears another problem has raised it’s ugly head.

The movies encoded with my Dopod profile work fine on the Dopod. Being a smartarse and testing things to the fullest as I always seem to do, I connected up my Plantronics Laser 890 Bluetooth headset and was happily listening to all my music which is synced through Mindows Media Player in WMA format… Beautiful…

I then went to play one of the movies that I have encoded in 3GP format. Lo and behold, NO SOUND from the headset but sound now was coming from the DOPOD !!!

After testing, testing, testing, it seems that only Windows Media Audio codecs are passed to the bluetooth headset as I had the same problem with MP3 audio files.

This raised the following question !!!

Ting/Fengtao, when are you going to include WMV encoding? If you at beta testing stage, I would love to test it out.


After mucho testing…

To get the sound from the bluetooth headset, I had to encode my video with other software (ULead Video Studio) in WMV format.

For Ting’s info:-
The codecs that I had to use to get it worhing properly are:-
Windows Audio V9.2
Windows Video V9

For Ting,

Here is the Windows Media Encoder profile that works fine. I have WME9 installed on my machine and it is a free download.

I have specifically reduced horizontal size from 240 to 232 pels so that it plays pertty close to full screen portrait otherwise it reduces to 50%.

Rename this file to a .prx file


Copy of Gregi - Dopod HiRes 16-9.txt (5.86 KB)

hi greg – maybe something to consider here – I have a PDA (iPAQ) and was having trouble playing some of the movies in Windows Media Player for mobile devices etc… and searched the net for a better player.

I came up with “TCPMP v0.72RC1” and have now installed this on my PDA and it’s great. i think the above is the last ‘freeware’ version of this player but there’s also a commerical version @ -->


This is not to take away from what your doing but have found this is a great piece of software for mobile devices.



Hi there all.

Just a few updates/questions.

  1. Is there any progress on the WMV output?
  2. Is there somewhere in the profile that I can set up “CROP” parameters.

I’ll explain the “CROP” problem a little.

Normal 16:9 movies do not cause a problem and encode correctly. I use a size of 320 x 180 pixels which is totally correct.

Any movies that are widescreen (1:2.35, 1:240) have black bands above and below the video actually held in the file when you encode them using the 320 x 180 parameters and do not scale correctly when turned to landscape full screen.

If you try to alter the vertical parameter, the horizontal parameter is changed also and you end up with black borders around the video on the top, bottom & sides also.

I have encoded with Windows Movie Encoder which has a “CROP” facility and I get the video correctly sized and it also then scales correctly on the Dopod when turned fullscreen


How do you insert a profile into dvdfab platinum copied out of the forum?