PCs of the Future!

It is amazing all these pcs use to be called “PESONAL PCs”

Hey! My older brother was still using this same crappy PC til a couple years ago. :disagree:

Bah. Those are too state-of-the-art for my taste.

I like to use well-proven technology with low power consumption instead.

I’m using the colour one at the bottom for posting this message and browsing the web, and the more advanced one at the top for complex calculations.


Can you make these work also in clustering?

I also have an ultra-low power consumption hand-held computer.

It never hangs or freezes (except when it’s freezing) - 100% reliable!

There is also the “natural” calculator:bigsmile:

You mean: Imagine a Beowulf cluster of those!

I don’t think you’d be too pleased with upgrading your pc to one of these, Geno. :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: I don’t dare to ask how these computers can burn DVDs :bigsmile:

You can get them in all sizes from handhelds all the way up to large multi-user systems:


Arachne already has one of the models with a mouse, and C0deKing is thinking about getting one…

Microsoft does adware!

:bow: :bigsmile: