PCs down, netbooks to rise in 2009

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With the exception of netbooks, it’s going to be a tough year for personal computer sales, industry analyst group Gartner predicts.
In 2009, the group expects PC sales to fall by a record 11.9…

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It’s hard to justify a quad core rig with a blistering fast and expensive video card to surf the net, snag email, “Twitter” etc.

Netbooks are handy for surfing the web on the road due to their light weight, wireless, long batery life and low price. Mine has 160gig HDD - so I can easily store 10 ripped DVDs for when I am travelling. Add VLC and you are set. Plugs into most hotel Tvs for entertainment. they also are nice sitting on the kitchen bar to catch news stories in the mornig while drinking coffee before work. Mine can run for a good 4 hours on its battery. Plus, I have my music, photos etc. Never use my portable DVD player any more.

The newer ones get crazy battery life The Asus 1000HE gets supposedly over 9 hours battery life. And it’s less than 400 bucks. Can’t handle HD yet, but i bet that’s coming…

I think that the days of $3000 Pc’s are about over. Except for the really hard core gamers. I point to the VERY interesting Nvidia Ion platform as proof. Very low price point, low energy usage, yet it can handle 10800p video-no problemo…plus, it can fit in the palm of your hand. Can’t wait for these to hit the market. HD goodness at a 300 dollar price point.

What I’ve been wondering is how the netbooks fits in with the smartphone market. I mean don’t people surf the web and read emails using their iPhones and Blackberries? Why would they then need a netbook on top of that?

A smartphone is still not very convenient to write large amounts of text. For this, a netbook is better suited.

I have a asus PC900 netbook and, i love it’s 900 grams!, I’m on the street going from client to client all the time and have to carry a 3 or 4 kilograms notebook was killing my back, other than that, i will still prefer a IBM T60 instead of any netbook, but the weight, in my case is the most important factor.
netbooks are primarily for use with internet, watch a movie in a 9 inch screen it´s a joke!, not to mention write a report in it’s tiny keyboard :slight_smile: but, you cant have it all, can you?, also, in these difficult times, the price of these babies are very convenient.
another thing that was a decisive factor, most netbooks comes with XP, however most standard notebooks use vista, that is painfuly slow, my asus loads XP in 20 seconds, and is ready to use, a vista machine would need 3 times that in a dual core machine with maybe 250gig hd and 2g of ram, crazy!.