PCRW1208 problem.. reads but does not write

ive got a phillips pcrw1208 cd burner. it is fairly old i admit, my brother had used to for quite a while. didnt work, so he gave it to me. hes power box surged and shit but this was after the burner stoped working…

i have windows xp pro. 256 ram 1600mhz blah blah.

it reads the cd but does not write. i go through the burning process completly but it doesnt write. comes out as a blank cd.

im guessing it is because the burner laser is broken or somthing. is there a way to fix the writing laser thing?


If it doesn’t work in two seperate PC’s it’s very likely seen it’s last writing days. The positve news is a brand new 52x LiteOn CDRW is only about $30. Or better yet you can find DVDRW drives (get a NEC or LiteOn) for as low as $80. :smiley:

thanks for the tip man, i didnt think burners went that low. guess im still thinking of prices from 2 years ago. (200$ for a shitty cd burner)