Pcouffin problem

I have windows Vista running on my pc, and after installing DVDFab Platinum I get an error about Pcouffin.
It says that this program is not installed, and ask me to instal it.
It says also that it could not find my burning software.
My burning software is Nero Burning Rom and Alcohol 120% 1.9.6 Build 4719.
This burning programs works fine, but not with DVDFab.
With Windows XP i don’t have this problem.

My question is:
Where can i download this Pcouffin device (update?) driver and why causses this a problem whit Vista.

Greets and thanks in advance from addy from Holland

Hi Jacco59
pcouffin is installed with DVDFab Platinum and the Gold
If you are running Vista 64 bit please note that other members that also run Vista 64 bit have many issues and or the same problem as you are having.
My understanding is that the pcouffin burning engine was developed for a 32 bit system and can not run in a 64 bit system (NOTE) I’m not sure on this OK just what I have heard and read

Hi StormJumper,
I have Vista 32 bit on my pc, because 64 bit is not supported on my machine.
I know that 64 bit drivers are hard to get, but that is not the problem overhere.

Hi Jacco59 and welcome to the club. If I was you, I’d uninstall the version you have and reinstall it if you haven’t done so already. By the way, did it ever work ? After the install originally

VSO is the developer for the default burn engine (Patin-Couffin driver) in Fab.
Like StormJumper, my understanding is that Fab is not compatible with Vista 64 bit, but luckily this is not your problem.
Interestingly, VSO states that they have the Patin-Couffin driver available and compatible with both 32 and 64 bit Vista.
Have a look here:

Hope this helps.

Hi maineman, could it been a glitch in the download? That’s why I asked if it ever worked. It’s happened to me. Also can the VSO be used as a stand alone writing software ? I didn’t go there yet, but did bookmark it for future reading enjoyment,LOL. ~ Mike

Hi Mike,

I’m absolutely cluelss re: Vista. I plan to stay with xp for as long as I can, which hopefully is a darn long time… :iagree:
Actually my next build I’m thinking seriously about Linux…maybe a dual boot set up with xp? This spring-summer I’ll be tinkering together a system for my son…who knows what it’ll end up as, but I can’t get too nuts cuz it’ll be his…right now he wants to stay with xp…but like I said, who knows???..


Hi all,
To awnser your question first astone2665, yes i have uninstalled en reinstalled two times and that will do nothing to the problem.
Or this version works, i dont no.
When XP was on my machine, i had an older version of DVDFab.
But that version is lost, so i downloaded the newest version of it.
But everytime a start up the computer, this message comes about Pcouffin.

And for maineman, i take a look on that url and hope to find my awnser there.

You might need to Update the Patin-Couffin to v37
Download and Install the VSOInspector ( it’s Free )


The VSOInspector will load the New Patin-Couffin version 37 - v.37 addresses your Drive access issue

After installing the VSO Inspector > Reboot and install DVDFab if needed. Several programs use Patin-Couffin, so yo may have a version already installed.


I know for a fact that the Pattin-Couffin driver V1.37 is signed and will work with all versions of Vista. I knw because I am using it with Vista Ultimate and it works great.:clap:

Hi again Mike…sorry, I forgot to answer your question about VSO…was trying not to burn dinner… :bigsmile:
VSO sells a number of software apps, such as BlindWrite, but no free standalone burn utility that I know of…


Thanks alan, your sage advice is always a welcome sight… :iagree:

Thanks Tom. I was just curious. The old toolbox thing again. By the way, I agree with you about vista. XP is all I need here. Vista needs a few years to ferment before I get into that headach ya know. And I know a few people who run a dual OS and love it. Some are using Apple’s. I’ve heard Linex is great too. I know about dinner too, LOL. ~ Mike

Back again,
This awnser have sold my problem complely.
I have dan this and it works :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Thanks to all of you folks and esspecely to bigmacnc.

You are right about that bigmacnc and a few other here really know thier stuff and we thank them alot for contributing.:clap: