PCM Copy Problems DVDFab 5



I have been having problems with ripping a DVD with PCM only audio. When played in Windows Media Player the sound disappears after about 60 seconds and when played in either VLC or Media Player Classic the sound is out of synch.

The setting is generic avi with mp3 at 320kbps.

I previuously had no difficulties on DVDFab 4.

In order to test I uninstalled DVDFab 5 and installed DVDFab 3 (I do not have the install package for DVDFab 4) and attempted the a 10 minute segment. This copied fine at 256kbps and played in Windows Media Player. In order to do this I had to have AnyDVD running as the protection was not disabled in DVDFab 3.

I also noted that the rip rate for DVDFab 3 was around 50fps whereas in DVDFab 5 the rip rate was around 15fps.

I am also having difficulty with DTS 5.1 in DVDFab 5 (again previously no problems with DVDFab 4) but have not tested these out.