PCM conversion issue

I have a PCM conversion issue and I am hoping someone can help. Every mobile profile that I try give me the same result, the audio playback is out of sync and it stutter all the way through. I did not have this issue with previous version ( I don’t any issues with AC3 or DTS. What am I doing wrong?

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Sorry you are having trouble. I do not have a single DVD with PCM audio to test with (well, maybe one or two, but can’t remember what or where they are). I seem to remember some problems reported long ago with PCM conversions which were fixed at the time. The author of the mobile option will see this, he checks this sub-forum fairly often and perhaps can offer some help.

Anyone? I can’t be alone with this problem.


Your PCM sample can be converted no problem, but only have the sync problem ?

please give me more information about your sample ?

Thanks report this problem.

I have the same issue and I have for several version upgrades of DVDFab mobile option. I have a quad core PC and am currently running version My issue is when trying to convert from either DVD or ISO to IPOD and PSP (the only 2 I’ve tried), I get significant audio stuttering and out of sync with the video.

Hi Ting,

I tried the current trial version at work today on a XP PC which gave me the same results as my home PC. The DVD I used for the test was one at work and not from my own collection. So the DVD source is not the issue. I have a Dell 435 Windows 7 RC1 x64 Build 7100 at home and another PC running Vista x86 SP1. Both have this issue. When I was testing your Application last year, it had no audio problems with PCM tracks. It appears that it does have a problem now. Is this something that you will be look at anytime soon.