PCLine spindle


definitely a newbie here, but I’m into the trading scene and having trouble finding cheap discs to burn on that are quality media. I recently bought a cakebox of PCLine CDR’s from a big chain store called Dixon’s here in England. Since I recently moved here from the USA all the generics are different, and I need help finding a quality generic to use!

PCline, 50 discs 80 min CDR
24x compatible
serial #: 80 CSLHU1014 0903
plain silver front and back

if anyone has any info/experience with these let me know!

Cheers, Sarah.

if u already bought the discs, u can use a program like the smart-burn utility to find out the ATIP info, which helps to determine who the real manufacturer of the discs are. u can then paste the info here to see if anyone else has these discs or check out the media forum to see if they’ve already been tested.

hey AZ…

I did the Smart Burn thing, and the PCLine discs came out
as CMC/Imation manufacturer with a max burn speed of 16x.

Why did the label on the spindle say 24x, if Smart Burn says 16x? Is this the max recommended speed?

I am using a SONY CD-RW CRX810E 1.5a drive that was installed in my Sony GRX560 PC when I bought it.

I also tested my pack of 20 TY “That’s” CDR discs and it also said 16 x…is this a function of my burner or the discs themselves?

Like I said, I’m a newbie, but love to trade music and am always looking for the best quality output from my CDRs…

Cheers, Sarah.

Originally posted by morgsarah
love to trade music

You did read the forum rules ?

On a sidenote : CMC is about the worst you can have in cd-r’s

i failed to mention that the smart-burn utility would only work with lite-on burners and that u’d need something like the prog mentioned here if u didn’t have one, but luckily that doesn’t seem to be a problem, heh.

i believe smart-burn will only report the max speed the drive is capable of burning the cdr at, so even if the discs are rated up to 52x by smart-burn, they’ll report as 16x in ur drive. also, the rating on the label isn’t always the max smart-burn recommended speed; it can be higher or lower. CMC isn’t a manufacturer that sits well with many ppl in this forum. u may want to scan ur burns with a program like Kprobe to see how high the error counts are.

Hey AZI…

thanks for the tips…I did notice that CMC got many a crap rating, and as such, I probably won’t use them for my media…(they were cheap, so I’ll probably use em for disposable stuff…) Since I’m new to the UK, not sure which unbranded discs are the good ones here yet, so still trying…

Thats why I bought the TY discs too. Anyways, Smart Burn seemed to work on my burner, even though it wasnt Lite on…so I’ll keep using it. I think my max speed must be around 16x…does that sound right if it takes about 20 min to read and write a disc?


ps…as far as music trades, I did read the rules of the forum, but since I keep mine to strictly LEGAL stuff (artist approval only) nit shouldn’t be a problem…(and I won’t bring it up again…:wink:

20 min definitely doesn’t sound right. 16x should take around 5 min to burn a full 700mb/80min cd. i’m not familiar with ur particular drive, but what’s the highest burn speed u can select? check to make sure DMA is enabled for ur drives in Device Manager.