Pci video card speed?

I’m looking at upgrading the motherboard and cpu in one of my computers. All my computers currently run agp cards. I figured that pci express is the way to go, but cannot afford a decent video card on top of the motherboard and cpu. So I ran across an ati built radeon 9250 256MB pci video card for 32$ and got it. Its this one.

It is unopened and I can return it, but it seems a decent card for the price plus there might be other advantages of having it. It always anoyed the hell out of me to have to change the resolution and have the screen squished on my monitor to send display to my tv (thats what the ati cards I that I have do when you change to the tv out), so it could serve to feed a second display (tv) once I get a a decent pci express card. I was also thinking that I might use old parts and put together a simple multimedia pc to hook up to the tv (just for simple media playing, maybe capturing), so maybe it could be of benifit there though I have much beter agp cards that I could use for that. It might also be good for trouble shooting as it will work in any computer (the only pci vid cards that I have for that now are ancient 4-8MB cards).

So is this pci card going to be usable for now till I can afford a beter pcie card? I know that the bandwith is about equivalent to agp 0.5x and it has to share with other devices on the pci bus. Reguardless of processor and memory, will the fact that it is pci total kill its performance?

I have this mainboard and it performs pretty well with integrated graphics. Good enough to run emulators at HDTV resolution at least with some filters for extra eye candy :slight_smile:
There are also a number of nVidia solutions available but you should take in account that most doesn’t have component out apart from the general nForce-chipset issues.

Are you sugesting that I get a motherboard with onboard graphics that can take a pcie card when I can afford one, or are you sugesting that onboard graphics go through the pci bus and therefor the card I have should be usable till I get a beter card?

Onboard until you can afford one.

That might be an option. I have a week or more till I buy the cpu and motherboard (waiting on a tax refund) so I’ll look into motherboards with onboard graphics and pcie including the one you linked to.