PCI SATA Controller Card Recommendations?



I recently got a LiteOn LH-20a1s SATA dvd burner and i’ve been having some compatability issues running it with my onboard via vt8237 sata controller…the thread link is here:

So…I’m looking for a PCI SATA controller card that will be fast, stable, reliable, and most importantly…will work with my drive.
I’m looking to spend around 40 dollars maximum…and I can’t really find much info about sata card compatibility with dvd burners…so i’m looking for some suggestions…
I’ve found these few so far, but i have no idea about their compatibility, so let me know what you think about these few and if you know of another good one i should look into that would help a lot also…

SIIG SC-SA0012-S1 PCI SATA Controller Card

SYBA SD-SATA-4P PCI SATA Controller Card - Retail

Rosewill 4 Port Optional RAID function Model RC-209


I have the third one in your list, the Rosewill, and it works for me. I’m using a Lite-On 16a7. The second one ought to work also because it has the same SiI 3114 chip. The Rosewill gives you the option of having one or two of the ports be accessible externally.

Once installed the only limitation is I can’t install XP from it. This isn’t a problem for me. Actually it comes with a floppy and I guess if I hit F6 during the install, I could put the floppy in the drive and it would work.

Installing the thing did cause some angst. It comes with two drivers. RAID and non-RAID. The instructions say the card’s BIOS can be set up as non-RAID so you can install the non-RAID driver. I found that incorrect. The best I could do was set up the BIOS for RAID with no RAID drive sets. XP would only install the RAID driver, but it works okay with non-RAID drives.

It didn’t help my confidence any that the supplied CD was unreadable. But the drivers are available from Rosewill’s web site.

The good news is I have no more freakin’ IDE ribbon cables in that computer! :bigsmile:


I like Silicon Image. The two-port SiI3112 has worked well with optical drives on two different rigs for me.