PCI IDE Controller Problems

Got a $5 PCI IDE card off of a mate who gave no guarantee that it works.

Its got a UMC 8673 chip, primary and secondary IDE ports, a whole lot of jumpers and thats about all I can tell you.

When I plug it into my motherboard (MSI MS-6712) and turn the PC on, it boots fine, its just theres nothing on the screen. I know its boting because its accessing the hard drive, exactly, the same way it does with the card out. Ive only tied it with my Radeon 9000 Pro (AGP), however Im thinking of trying it with an S3 virge (PCI) just to see what would happen.

Now I realise that its only $5, and it doesnt worry me that much that it doesnt work, but Id still like to hook up my 24102B along with the 52246S and the 165H. (Primary channel is for the HDD only)

Ive heard that it may be because of my on-board IDE ports causing an IRQ conflict with the card, I wouldnt have a clue.

If I cant get this to work, could someone please reccommend a reliable and cheapish PCI IDE controller card.


Did you try another PCI slot (IRQ conflict with the AGP card)?

Don’t plan on hooking the optical drives to a controller card, you’ll have software problems that way.
To connect a controller card to an existing install of Windows, you must first install drivers, then install the card. During POST, you should see the card being identified, and a second or 3 for locating drives attached to the card.

Yeah, I tried a different PCI slot Dee-ehn, unfortunatly it made no difference. :frowning:

If I get it working Ill keep that in mind rdgrimes, thanks. :slight_smile:

Are your BIOS boot settings appropriate?

How do you mean?

Some BIOS have slightly different settings for boot devices, maybe it’s looking for a boot drive in the wrong place.

At the moment Id actually like to get it working where I can see something on screen.

The problem at the moment is that I get no screen input when the card is plugged into the motherboard.

But thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:

Hmm try to remove all other cards in your system and see what it does.

It may be a good idea to update your systems BIOS to the latest version (I remember I had a similar problem with my MSI K7T Pro2a and Tekram DC395U controller).

Did you take a look at MSI’s site (forum, FAQ etc) if there are any known issues between your controller card and your mainboard.

Another good idea may be to put the card in a totally different system… the best would be to test it in a system with a total different chipset!

Try to find the FCC Identification number on the card. Then, look it up at http://www.fcc.gov/oet/fccid/. Hopefully, you can find the manufacturer of the card there, and then you can find information about what the settings and capabilities for the card are.