PCI IDE Card problem


I have just put an Ultra ATA Ide Raid controller card into the PC. It is a Creative I/O one with a sil0880a chipset.

Now the plan is to connect up 4 cd writers into the machine, as well as the existing 3 hard drives.

I have the hard drives connected to the mobo on ports 1 & 2 with the normal master slave setup. This is all working fine.

The 4 cd writers are connected to the 2 connectors on the pci card. Again I have set the jumpers on the cd writers to master and slave as per normal. The cables are 40 way ribbons.

The problem I am getting is that the 2 drives on the first pci card channel are ok. However the 2 drives on the second channel are not even powering up.

I have checked that the 2 drives are ok in another pc.

Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong ?



Move the HD’s to the PCI card and run the opticals on MB IDE. As to powering up issues, are you certain that your PSU is up to the task and all drives have hot connectors? Also, you want 80-wire ATA100/133 cables for the optical drives.

40-pins are fine, you’ll never use UDMA66 (or better) with optical drives anyways…

More from the local “expert”. All IDE cables have 40 pins. 80 wire cables ARE required for some drives to operate correctly in UDMA mode on some controllers. Some controllers also require 80-wire cables for master-slave configurations to work correctly.

Such as?
It’s perfectly fine on SiS southbridges, VIA, Intel as well as Promise ones but Promise doesn’t like optical drives that much…

Who would use this obsolete 40 wire crap anyway these days?? :wink:

By the way, thanks for all of the replies !

Ok then, HD’s now on the PCI card and the opticals on MB IDE. The power supply is a new quality 500w one, so that should be ok.

The drives are lighting up ok now, however I have another little problem. There is not enough info about setting the BIOS up ?

Any ideas ?

Graham S

Not sure if I get your question. What do you want to set up in BIOS?

Well the 4 opticals on the mobo ide connectors will be the boot devices, which of course I don’t want.

Therefore the boot drive ide will now have to be booted up from the pci/ide card.

There is no option in the BIOS for the system to see the boot ide drive. I have been told to set it to a SCSI device, and I have set the pci/ide card set up to see the boot ide. However this will not boot the pc up.

Hope that explains it a bit more fully.

Some BIOS don’t require a special setting to see a boot drive on PCI, if the card BIOS is set to enable a boot drive, just set your main BIOS to boot to HD 1st, CD 2nd and floppy 3rd. See how that goes.

The BIOS was the same as it was before I put the pci/ide card in you mean then ?

However it did not work with the original settings.

You’re maybe missing some setting in BIOS for boot drive. Some will have a separate HD selection apart from the priority setting. But the card BIOS also has to be able to have a boot drive, some do it by default and some do not support boot drives at all. Consult the docs for the card. A PCI card has to tell the MB BIOS which drive is the boot drive. Perhaps the boot drive needs to be in a certain position on the card?

Yes that makes sense.

There is a setting in the card config (f3) after the BIOS runs. I set it to the drive in question but no joy !

The small manual that was with the card does not give such information.

I can’t find any other info on the net about it either.

Move your boot drive (only) back to the MB, then boot up and see if the card is working right otherwise and all drives on it are working right. It’ll show up in Device Manager.

Ok will do.

Maybe it can stay like that if it works anyhow !

Right then, have to switch this machine off for a while now to switch it over.

Now I have:

IDE (boot) & another ide on mobo ide ch 1
2 x optical on ide ch2

2x optical on the the pci/ide ch1

Well they are showing up fine in explorer, nero and in the device manager.

So now if put the 2 x optical and plug into the pci card, well I am back full circle to where I started from !

Hmmm, seems very odd all of this !

Putting the opticals on PCI may not be such a good idea, as they may be locked in PIO mode. Trial and error there. At least you know the card works, so it’s a question of whether the card supports boot drives and the MB can boot from PCI.

All you have to do is change the Bios to boot from SCSI first with all your HD’s on the PCI card.

look for scuzzi in bios for a boot option, also the setting for other drives

The OS installation requires a scsi card/controller driver to be first installed if you want to boot from the controller…
Also check the bootstrap, as suggested.