PCI IDE Boot Issue



I have an ASH-1233 Ultra ATA/133 card installed and am trying to boot from it. I get to the windows screen but then just a black screen with cursor in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Can anyone help?
CPU-Core 2 Duo E6600
1 On-board IDE Controller
Need to have 5 IDE devices with one being a DVD burner, 3 hard drives, and a CD-ROM drive…
Thanks in advance


Go into the BIOS and Enable the first Start-Up Device as a SCSI…Let us know how ya got on…Works on my System


I just checked, I don’t have the option to boot from SCSI though. Will I have a problem if I have my DVD burner as the Slave and the system hard drive as the master on the on-board IDE controller? I can then put the rest of the devices on the PCI IDE… That is my setup right now and I have not had a problem so far but I have not tried burning a DVD yet…


The hard drives should will work fine from the PCI controller but there may be an issue with optical drives on it so the CD-ROM might not work too well.

Otherwise the setup is fine just remember not to burn from the HDD that shares the IDE channel with the burner. It will work but will likely be slow & possibly not give the best burns that way.


Awesome, that is a great help! Thank you very much for your information!