Pci graphic card



Hi, can any computer with a pci slot use a pci graphic card , i have a 6600gt and like to upgrade it but dont quite understand about pci slots i have a dell 4600


There are different flavours of PCI – PCI, PCI-X, PCI-E. Most of the newer video cards support that last standard (PCI-E) which is not compatible with either of the earlier standards.

Does your particular Dell mention PCI-E or PCI-Express support?


what make & model number is your motherboard ?


Please find attached the board diagram for the Demension 4600 (I got it off of Dell’s website)

You only have the AGP slot for upgrading your graphics.

check out newegg for a availible list of graphics cards for your AGP slot. Looks like the best cards availible are the ATI x850XT and Nvidia 7600GS.


that’s what i was thinking, & that’s why i asked him the make and model # of his MB, cheers for clarifying

How much memory do you have installed?




Depending on your budget and your gaming needs I would go with:

#1 Geforce 7800GS ~$275
#2 Radeon X800GTO ~ $170