PCI FireWire Card Not Detected

I’m trying to record video from my Canon HV30, but my FireWire card isn’t detected! There is absolutely no sign of it in the Device Manager.

This card did work before I reformatted.

I’m currently running Vista 32bit with an ASUS p5kse epu motherboard (no firewire on it).

When I open up Marvell RAID Monitor, it shows that there’s a card in the PCI slot with 3 ports, which is true - my firewire card has 3 ports.

So howcome Marvell RAID Monitor can detect it, but Windows won’t?

Whenever I plug in my camcorder, I don’t get the ding dong sound and it doesn’t search for drivers. Plus many programs can’t detect the camcorder, which goes back to the firewire card…

Maybe its a driver issue? Oh… and by the way… the 4-6 pin cable DOES work as I have tested it on my sister’s computer.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


do you have any problem indicator in device manager?

I am sure, your screenshot does not show your firewire controller :wink:
That should be your onboard Marvell Sata/Raid controller (at least the device ID matches).


No… there aren’t any problems with device manager

In my motherboard manual, it says to install a PCI card… you have to assign an “IRQ” to the card. What does that mean?