Pci Express

what is a duel width pciE slot I bought a 1950pro but the requirments say pcie duel width with all my reaseach I never heard that term before.

I think in this case it means that the card takes up the space that 2 normal cards would do, in other words the cooling fan is larger than you would find on a single slot card. If you have anything in the slot next to the graphics card then you may have to move it out the way to get the card to fit.

Most board makers now put either a space or a low usage slot next to the 16x PCIe slot for just such a case.

Most graphics cards all use either AGP 8x or PCIe 16x standard slots.

Many images, showing X1950

The backplate is actually TWO SLOTS WIDE - one slot for the connectors, and another for the cooler outlet.