Pci-e card recommendations

Hi, got a Asus ROG X58 m/b. required a PCI-E card to hook up my Plextor Premium Cd burner. Any suggestions as to which one I should get that is available in Canda? Preferable the card should have both IDE and Sata connectors.

Get something with Silicon Image chipset, preferably non-Raid.


thanks Michael, further options, is the VIA VT6415 PCI-Express PATA (IDE) Host Controller workable. Via web site indicated it is compatable with optical devices. I need to be sure because I have to order this controller card online.


I have no idea about their ODD compatibility - regardless of the chipset you need to be able to run this card in a non-RAID operation mode. Many SiI based cards can be switched by application of the proper controller bios, but I have no idea about the VIA way. At least I would not rate them as “avoid” :wink:


@prim8e hey there, did you find any good PCIe solution in order to make your IDE(?) Plexwriter usable on your new motherboard? What OS and burning software are you using please? Thank you,

I’m using using either of Vantec UGT-IS602R (PCI-e x1) or Vantec UGT-IS100R
(PCI-E) card. They work with Win XP to Win 7 Pro 64 bit. I suspect that it will work with Win 10 too. I haven’t upgrade to Windows 10. Burning software used now is Nero 2016. Previous versions of Nero works too. I think Imgburn works too. Now, for the bad news, both of these expansion cards are discontinued. You will need to search the internet if any computer stores still have old stock of these cards or buy on Ebay. Good luck, Wayne

Thank you for your feed-back; could you be so kind, which version of nero (not every version support AMQR) that’s why I am asking. I appreciate it!

I’m using Nero 2016 Platinum . AS to AMQR, I’m not familiar with it. Maybe, you could email Nero if it supports it.

You can use JMB36X PCI-E controller.

Normally it comes with 2 SATA-300 and 1 IDE ports.

Thank you both; in EU I’ve find this model of Delock 89293 (up to win 10 64-bit) which sounds good. I’ve asked the producer about the Marvell serial chipset I am curious about that. My unit is the Plextor Premium 2

Sorry for double post. On the above mentioned PCIe card, do you have any idea what are these two +/- connectors when and how to use them? Thank you

Translating from your above link using Google Translate, one of the features is “1 x pin header for POWER LEDs for indicating the hard drives”

So the headers would be used for LED indicators for power &/or drive access. Not applicable for most optical drives.

Thank you mr. Albert, perhaps one for IDE and one for SATA. I thought that is more than that. It will be fine without LED indicator as long as there is already one on the CD-RW unit. All I hope now it’s to make that IDE Plextor Premium 2 work in win 10 64-bit (+using AMQR).