PCI controller card



I need to add a PCI controller card to reconnect my ZIP drive. I have a Dell Dimension 4100 with PIII 1G, 133Mhz FSB, 512MB SDRAM, Intel D815EEA M.B., NVidia GeForce2 MX AGP, a 20GB ultra ATA-100 HD, a slave Seagate 80GB 7200 ultra ATA-100, LiteOn CD-ROM and a Yamaha CD-RW with 98SE. I’d like to keep the CD-ROM for games and software and reinstall the ZIP drive that I took out to put in the 2nd HD.
Are there any suggestions as to what controller card will allow me to hook up the ZIP or the CD-ROM? Or should I put the hard drives on the controller card and leave the opticals and ZIP on the M.B.?
Thanks in advance!


I would put the HD’s on the controller card and leave the opticals on the Motherboard.


Thanks! Any suggestions as to a good card?


I have a Promise sata 150 TX series. It have 2 sata ports and 1 IDE port (total 4 devices). I plug my HDs on this controller and leave IDE ports on mainboard for optical devices


Would SATA be compatible with my ATA unit?


There are issues with Promise based cards in that they don’t like optical devices. SI (Silicon Image) & CMD based cards don’t have this problem so should be the better options.

Don’t go too hitech as Win98 might not be able to handle SATA devices or at least there might not be drivers available.


My controller have on the same board 2 sata connector and 1 IDE connector, for a total of 4 devices (2 on sata and two on IDE [master and slave]; for sata connectors there is not master or slave, because each have its proper connector).

TimC is right when says that this controller is not good for optical devices, but if you connect to a PCI controller your hard discs, then you can leave IDE channels on mainboard for optical devices.

My promise controller is rather good. Right now I have a sata HD and a IDE disc connected together to the same controller (on different plugs, obviously :bigsmile: ), and it functions very well (no conflicts; both HD are on UDMA-6 on this controller).