PCI Card for DVD recording? Is there?

For example, you can get a PCI card that takes a video
signal (antenna, cable, composite) and uses your computer
monitor as a TV screen. So you don’t need a TV set.
Now, instead of having to use a stand-alone recorder,
is there a PCI card that will take video input (antenna,
cable, composite) and encode it to DVD IN HARDWARE
and stream it out to your harddrive or dvd burner if
you have one. It would seem to me this would be
something very popular - is there any such device?
I realize there are software programs that will
encode a video stream to DVD, but that takes
so much computing power, so it would seem
logical to put the encoding part on a PCI card -
does anyone know about anything like that?

I think it would be better than using a stand-alone.
I have the LITEON 5001 and I am not complaining
about it, but, it would be better if I could control
the whole shebang via my mouse and keyboard,
which would be the case if the function of a
stand-alone recorder were put onto a PCI card
(except for the actual burning or recording).

What about it?


Yes, there are PCI cards and USB devices that can do this. All they do is capture the input signal and encode them to MPEG2 in real time (they are equipped with a hardware MPEG encoder).

Two companies that produce such solutions: Pinnacle and Hauppauge.

Actually, just about all cards can capture, some do it better than others, and some have more formats to choose from, in either of the cases, you will need sufficient HDD space.

I have personally seen ATI, ASUS, PixelView, and MSI TV Capture cards all with such options.

After googling the wintv pvr (and other encoders),
I am starting to suspect that NO capture card
offers DIRECT to VOB recording - is that right?

It seems they all create an mpeg file (or files),
which you have to then feed into IFOEDIT, or
some other “authoring” program to get your
VOB files. Now, when I click “stop” on my
standalone recorder, it does indeed take
a couple of minutes at actually stop and
allow me to eject the disc. I’m guessing that
the standalone has software embedded that
creates the VIDOE_TS file structure (VOB’s et al),
and this delay is for that processing. In any event,
what I get from my standalone is a complete
VIDEO_TS folder with the vob’s.

So, first, am I right that none of the current
crop of capture cards offer an option to actually
create the VIDOE_TS folder simply by you
clicking “stop”?

Otherwise, I have to learn how to run the
authoring programs and such - not a deal-breaker,
but also just another step I really would like
to have done automaitically like the stand-alones

Since my PC is only 1 ghz (PIII), I assume the
wintv pvr will not work because I read a google
post indicating that Movie Factory requires
a P4 at 1.8ghz (anyone confirm that?).

I read tha the adaptec avr2000 works with
software (for creating the VIDEO_TS folder)
that only needs 600 mhz, so, where do
folks get this adaptec?

If anyone has specific web-refernces, please
post a reply - I am interested in learning
more abou this.


Originally posted by littleberry
After googling the wintv pvr (and other encoders),
I am starting to suspect that NO capture card
offers DIRECT to VOB recording - is that right?..

Check Dee-ehn’s suggested cards I am not sure but maybe they can stream directly to VOB because they are very $$$$.

I do not think an average card can do it because VOB files are DVD file format and are encoded using Huffman encoding process. Such is a terribly heavy workload and no typical card can handle it, and if one could, it would be quite pricey.

I have been spun around with this lately. What I was hoping
for was to be able to get a dvd folder on my hard drive without
using the standalone (since it yields bad +RW recordings
intermittently - no way to avoid it - LITEON). I thought
surely there would be an affordable PCI card that would
do the encoding more or less equivalent to what the
standalone does (5 mbits/sec video, 256kbits/sec audio),
but all the cards I have looked at so far will not be
specific about these details. And they all seem very
complicated with so many unnecessary bells and
goofy whistles that I am suspicious that they are
peddling an inferior mpeg chip with flashy ribbons
and bows. I read that the adaptec avc 2000
(NOT the 2010) would do what I wanted, but,
after two suppliers both shipped me a 2010
instead of a 2000, I give up on that one
(ada[tec says there are all sold out
and are no longer manufacturing these).

I found a very inexpensive capture card
(NOT MPEG) at Fry’s, the avermedia
DVD EZmaker PCI, which was bundled
with a nifty software program that is
almost exaclty what I need. It is called
NeoDVD, and it takes the video stream
and creates either a mpg file, or the
vob’s and all that make up a dvd,
all in real time. I have captured
several movies using this little
card now, and they all look real
good, but, it uses a fixed bitrate
that is too high and there is no
way around that.

Is there either a 1) PCI mpeg card
that will use 5 mbits/sec video and
256 kbits/sec audio? or 2) a program
like neodvd which will capture using
these more fitting bitrates?

SInce neodvd does so good, I know
now that it CAN BE DONE. Somewhere
somebody has gotten it down right.


Does anyone have experience with this card?

(emuzed bali PCI - uses the broadcom bmc7040 mpeg2 chip)

Does it work with movie mill 2.60?

Where can you buy one online?